Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lord of the rings: Elijah, Billy Boyd gay rumours.

Prepare to drop mouths, drawers--whatever.

You've heard the stories, right? All that ferocious frolicking those Lord of the Rings riders have been getting up to? So, let's stop in at the Hollywood premiere of Lord's second installment, The Two Towers, and ask Elijah Wood himself, shall we?

"Pardon me, Mr. W.," I insisted. "Please complete the following: Hobbits who play together..."

"...Make sweet love together," Elijah responded faster than an Orc attacks.

Okay, then. But more on that nooky-note a bit la-tuh. Let's first check in with the rest of those canoodling cretins at last Sunday night's ArcLight Cinema do. Right smack on Sunset Boulevard. And let me tell you, the Hobbits and Elves were feeling most festive and frisky--as E.W. has already proven.

Picking a path down the red carpet was Billy Boyd, aka Pippin, who was looking every inch the Scotsman in his black-tie kilt.

"What's underneath the skirt?" I inquired.

"My monster!" responded the game guy with a devilish grin. And no, B2 didn't unleash this sneaky skirt beast at any point in the night. At least not that I saw.

Equally merry on this devilish eve was Dominic Monaghan, who trotted over to yours truly with a sucker stuck in his puss. Looking scruffy, with mussy blond locks, D.M. peeked over my shoulder to wave at the hordes of hollering LOTR fans lining the traffic-jammed street.

"If I wasn't in the movie," mused D.M. in his lilting British accent, "I'd probably be across the street with all of them."

Little early in your career to start channeling Joan Crawford, I thought, but instead said: "Hobbits are such a merry folk," to which he bobbed his head in agreement. "When are you at your merriest?" I asked the benevolent boy.

"When I'm with all the other Hobbits, drinking beer or...eating, ya know," Mr. M. answered between deliberate licks on his lolly. "A Hobbit's perfect night would be to be around a lot of other people, have a big meal and a party."

"And what about on those nights when you're not dazzling fans?"

"We don't tend to go out on the scene all that much," he stated, somewhat sheepishly. "We hang out at each other's houses, you know...doing the typical things that guys do."

"Such as?"

"Playing videogames, watching DVDs--and then we call girls up," Monaghan continued with a boyish wink. "And they say they can't come 'round, so we call more girls up and play more videogames."

"Okay, Mr. Dial-a-Dame," I said, "complete the following: Hobbits who play together...

"That's naughty," D.M. said, as if coralling babes by cell is good clean fun. But with a big fat smile, the D-man relented and answered, "Live together!"

"Oh, have you been playing house with the other Hobbits?"

"We've all been living together at Billy's house in Mexico. Me, Elijah and Sean all went down there," he explained with a chuckle. " All the Hobbits under one roof for about three weeks. It was like life imitating art."

I'm guessing this is where head Hobbit Elijah Wood's comment comes into play, eh?

"We are merry!" E.W. heartily agreed as he held up his digital camera and snapped a few pics of his buds on the red carpet. "It [Mexico] was amazing; we had the best time!"

With a secretive grin (dreaming of lazy lovemaking, perhaps), D.M. rejoined his gang of boys, which included the delectable Orlando Bloom.

Tearing himself away from the cozy clan, the noble Elf was looking luscious in all black, with a wispy-thin mustache and a tuft of chin scruff.

"Tongue in my ear!" Orlando purred as the "new guy," Karl Urban , surprised him with a friendly nuzzle as a greeting. In the mood and chatting about his merriest moments with the Hobbits, O.B. happily brought up their time in New Zealand:

"Oh, surfing was the best," Mr. B. exclaimed. "We'd have a few days off from shooting, and we'd all go out and surf all day long."

The ocean, that is. The phone lines weren't ridden till later in the evening.

Poopin' P.S.: While the Hobbit boys were gabbing about kicking up their feet, the Elf princess, Liv Tyler , was mainly moaning about how she was ready to go home already and have some dinner (a pastime she was fond of on the New Zealand set, remember). Not exactly the partying type since she has settled down with her Spacehog fiancé, Royston Langdon.

Whoopin' P.S.: And where was Viggo Mortensen in all of this boyish busyness? V.M. ditched the usual pencil-pushing press and dashed 'cross the street, where the frenzied fans stood in awe of the starry scene. Followed by a harried handful of flackers ("Where is he going?" was the most common schoolmarmish screech heard), the man who plays Aragorn raced over to shake hands and sign autographs. And trust me, that's not something you see every day. Ain't it great?

Source- E News

Friday, April 27, 2007

Brandon Routh to come out as gay.

Superman Returns is out this summer. Rumours
are circulating that star Brandon Routh will
come out as gay, as part of the film's promotion.
Source: Popbitch

Super Boys' Club Comic Book Resource features its share of explosive comic book rumor-mongering (Magneto fears for the life of Scarlet Witch?!), but nothing can quite compare to the journalistic dynamite contained in Rich Johnston's most recent column. Specifically, But then there was the Superman movie rumour. Still not totally resolved, still looking more likely by the minute, with massive impications all over the place, it had to be Rumour Of The Year. That Bryan Singer wanted to cast an actor who was in the closet, and who would declare themselves to be gay in the lead up to, or during the release of the film. So that it would have a meta-textual element, over secret identities, and also give young gay individuals a positive role model in their lives. And presumably, not make stereotypical remarks about men dressed in tight colourful leotards. On, and then, Brandon Routh being cast in the lead. As the evangelical churches of the USA hold their breath, ready to start an onslaught of whipped up mob-hatred, Dan DiDio gingerly accepted the award on behalf of DC. "You know, we're appointing a Senior Vice President of Marketing? Something tells me I think we're going to need him..."Let's take a look at some of the evidence available for speculating on Brandon Routh's sexuality, and see if we can't clear things up. -According to his imdb entry, Brandon is sometimes credited as "B. J. Routh". B.J. is homosexual slang for a hummer.-Among B.J.'s television appearances? An episode of Will and Grace, a homosexual sitcom, titled "A Gay/December Romance."-B.J.'s official site is In homosexual patois, TV stands for transexual. -According to some, largely unsubstantiated reports, director Bryan Singer is gay. The verdict? Get ready to start your righteous indignation...


The new Superman Brandon Routh has the unfortunate/telling nickname, "BJ". It's unfortunate because the rumors of his skill in this area having landed him a part are all hot on newsstands. Sorry, BJ. Here's the backstory:First, Gawker reported a Singer-and-Routh-together-at-crazy-gay-coke-party sighting. There have been rumors since Routh was chosen as Superman, actually. Radar magazine is just the most recent (and most explicit) to surmise that Brandon Routh may have gotten his role in openly-gay director Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" thanks to his Gay Mafia connections. SHOCKER!Does it sometimes seem like every entertainment journalist in the country is unaware of IMDB? Because sometimes it sure does. Look, if you wanted to offer some support to the "Routh-Gets-Jobs-Thanks-to-The-Gay-Mafia" theory, check out the kid's resume. Also, Radar, while we're on the subject, I thought that caption under Routh's picture ("Thuperman?") was pretty bigoted.Now, Routh's IMDB page is right here.His publicist, naturally, has issued a denial on the gay issue, going so far as to mention a girlfriend to whom Routh is supposedly happily committed. No word on whether she lives in Canada. So let's go to those credits on IMDB now for some truth. Most of Routh's work is TV, which is fine. People can become famous thanks to TV. Just look at Mischa Barton. But that's not the question, is it? The question is if he's deeply entwined by nostril and nipplering to the Gay Mafia. Mr. Routh, I apologize for the serious invasion into your personal life. Quite frankly, if Superman fails because you are gay (not that I know you are), then that is a barbaric tragedy. But Brandon, your resume is so gay, Wentworth Miller looks straighter on paper.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jesse Mccartney calls Ryan Cabrera gay.

Actor from the tv series Summerland and singer, Jesse Maccartney calls guitarist and songwriter gay in an online magazine- CJ

Hey, guys! It’s Jesse McCartney here and I am totally stoked to write for The Fed, just so all my fans out there can get a little idea of how I’m doin’ and what I’m thinkin’. But what I am totally un-stoked about is Ryan Cabrera. He’s ruining music! Take it from me, Jesse McCartney, that Ryan Cabrera is, without a doubt, the gayest out there today. But if you don’t believe me, then let’s take a look at the facts.

First off, “On the Way Down” is a gay song. Look at the lyrics: “On the way down / I saw you / and you saved me from myself / and I won’t forget / the way you loved me.” He needs to be saved, from what, lameness?
But let’s get serious for a minute and look at the most important thing to a real, hardcore yet sensitive man like myself: my love life. Ryan Cabrera has only dated Ashlee Simpson, and she initiated the relationship. Now, I am not gonna bad mouth Ashlee, we grew up a lot on the set of 7th Heaven together, where we both really found our inner actors. But I can tell you that I heard that they only made out, and they have been on and off for two years! Man that’s so lame. I dated Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, at the same time and one of them once gave me a hand job. I’m not gonna say which one, but that’s a hell of a lot more mature than that gay fag Ryan Cabrera who’s never gotten past second base.
Finally, Ryan Cabrera’s just a sell out, you know? He barely rights his own songs, he plays high schools and he’s always on the cover of those gay-sellout magazines. He’s a sell out and a fag. Ryan Cabrera is not an artist. Ryan Cabrera isn’t real. I am just better than that faggy gay twerp any day of the week yo.
Keepin’ it real - Jesse McCartney.

Worth a read: Source

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Josh Hartnett gay?

Some stats: 23. Movies: Pearl Harbor made him a bona fide heartthrob, but it was his decision to star in the gritty Black Hawk Down that separated him from Hollywood's frat pack. Up next: May be reteaming with director Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down) for a romantic comedy called Bob. Quote: "There seems to be a kind of Noxzema feel about my group of actors. Responsibility and cleanliness are in," he has said. "But I've been lucky enough to play a couple of dirty characters on-screen, and that's good.... You don't want to lose the messiness of life."

Josh Hartnett has fake girlfriends.

Kirsten Dunst. Katie Holmes. Scarlett Johansson. Sounds like a who's who of Hollywood hotties, right? For actor, Josh Hartnett, it's actually a list of his "supposed" hook-ups, but according to an ex, they might just be something he made up in his head. In a recent issue of Stuff, Nip & Tuck star, Kelly Carlson, admits that her past relationship with Josh was totally fake and was hyped up to get people into theaters! "Years ago, Josh Hartnett and I did a thing for Teen People saying that we dated," she confesses. "We’ve always been friends, but it wasn’t true. It was sort of a publicity stunt." Imagine, a celebrity making up a relationship to get press (insert sarcasm here). By the looks of things, at least one on Josh's ex's is still at it!


Josh Hartnett seen at a gay bar.

The buzz on Wednesday at Urge, an East Village gay bar, was that the 24-year-old actor was next door at another popular gay hangout, the Hole.
"Josh was wearing a button-down shirt, looking very preppy," says our snitch. "He was there with the ugly one from the Strokes."
Um, Julian Casablanca?
"No, the really ugly one with the curly hair."
Albert Hammond Jr.?


Josh Harnet and Ben Afflec caught on tape making out, while whileing away the hours on the set of Pearl harbour.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Comparison between a Gay guy and Jesse McCartney.

Two people switched at birth, Michael Dwight an average gay guy and Jesse McCartney... Compare this interview on a fan site with the same questions asked to a fan... maybe they have more in common.-CJ

Full name: Jesse A. McCartney
Full name: Michael L. Dwight

Birthday: April 9, 1987
Birthday: April 19, 1987

Place of Birth: New York City
Place of Birth: Kansas City, Kansas

Current Residence: Westchester, NY
Current Residence: Kansas City, Kansas

Height: 5'9"
Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 lbs.
Weight: 138 lbs.

Age: 18
Age: 18

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Aqua
Eye Color: Blue

Status: Single
Status: Single

Pets?: Cat named Oliver
Pets?: Cat named Twister

Fav Book: "Death Be Not Proud", By John Guther
Fav Book:

Fav Color: Orange
Fav Color: Red

Fav Food: Pizza and California Rolls (SuShI)
Fav Food: Sushi

Fav T.V Show: Friends
Fav T.V Show: Friends and Wil and Grace

Fav Movies: 6th Sense, Grease, and American History X
Fav Movies: Sound of Music Grease and anything with edward furlong (eg. American History X )

Fav Actors: Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Robin Williams
Fav Actors: Will Smith- Action, Jim Carrey- Comedy, and Edward Furlong- drama

Fav Actresses: Reese Witherspoon
Fav Actresses: Reese Witherspoon

Favorite bands: James Taylor, John Mayer
Favorite Singer: Jesse MacCartney

Favorite Song: "All the Things she said", T.A.T.U
Favorite Song: "Beautiful Soul", Jesse MacCartney

Nickname?: Jess, Jester
Nickname?: Mickey

Type of Music?: Pop and Rock
Type of Music?: Pop

Fav Sports: Baseball and Football
Fav Sports: Baseball and Swimming

Fav Sports Team: New York Yankees and New York Giants
Fav Sports Team: New York Yankees

Sports that you play?: Baseball!!!!!
Sports that you play?: Swimming

Fav Car?: BMW M3
Fav Car?: n/a

Fav School Subject: Math and Phys. ED
Fav School Subject: Math and Phys. ED

Least Fav: History
Least Fav: History

What Kind of School do you attend?: Public
What Kind of School do you attend?: Public

Hobbies: Playin Baseball,Singing and Acting
Hobbies: Playin Baseball, Swimming and Acting

Biggest Like: Snow/Water Skiing
Biggest Like: Swimming

Prized Possession: Baseball Glove and Cell Phone!!!
Prized Possession: Cell Phone!!!

What do you look for in a partner?: Nice Personality and Nice Smile. I love a girl that can make me laugh. I am not really a laugh at things type of guy and I don't smile and laugh all the time..But if a girl can make me laugh..I'm In LoVe!!!!!
What do you look for in a partner?: Someone upbeat and not depressed, someone who likes to be happy and make me happy.

Perfect way to spend a date? Out on the beach!!!!
Perfect way to spend a date? At home, watching a video.

What do you want to do when your older?: Be a singer
What do you want to do when your older?: Be an actor

First acting job?: "Oliver" in a local theatre
First acting job?: Chicago in the school play.

What type of work do you like to do the best?: Singing and Movies
What type of work do you like to do the best?: Acting in plays.. also like restaurant work, its fun meeting people.

Where you have to do a dramatic scence where you have to cry, how do you get ready to do it? I think of things that made me upset a long time ago
Where you have to do a dramatic scence where you have to cry, how do you get ready to do it? Pinch myself and think about the time my new jacket got burnt by someones cigarette a long time ago.

Siblings?: One brother, Timmy and One sister, Lea
Siblings?: One brother, and One sister

Relationships: Jesse went out with a girl for 8 months in his Freshman year of High School!!!! That sets the record for him...
Relationships: Mickey went out with a boy for 2 months a year ago.

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Favorite thing: Girls
Favorite thing: Boys

Fun Fact: Jesse likes coffee with one cream and two sugars!
Fun Fact: Mikey likes coffee with no cream and two sugars!

Religion: Born again protestant
Religion: Athiest

Favorite number -7
Favorite number -7

Pajamas: Flannel pants, No shirt
Pajamas: Underware, No shirt

Pet peeve: Nail biting
Pet peeve: Nail biting

International visits: Canada
International visits: Canada

Broken bones?: None
Broken bones?: None

Fact: Jesse auditioned for Haley Joel Osments role in "The Sixth Sense" and even got a callback!, unfortunetely he didn't get the role.
Fact: Mickey was never allowed to see The Sixth Sense because his mother thought it was too scarey.

Night Owl: Jesse usually stays up 11pm on school nights and weekends 12:30 or 1am!
Night Owl: Mickey usually stays up 11pm on school nights and weekends 3am!

Alone again: For Jesse's alone time, he perfers his room with the stereo on
Alone again: For Mickeys alone time, he perfers his room with the stereo on

Worst fear: Car accidents
Worst fear: Car accidents

First kiss: 6th grade with a girl he REALLY liked it
First kiss: 6th grade with a girl he REALLY didn't like it.

Favorite superhero: God!
Favorite superhero: Superman

Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Season: Autumn

College: He plans on going to UCLA
College: He plans on going to UCLA

Favorite Activity: Sleeping!
Favorite Activity: Sleeping!

Favorite place in the USA: Yosemite, California
Favorite place in the USA: New York City

Must shop mall stop!: Tommy Hilfiger
Must shop mall stop!: Tommy Hilfiger

Biggest turnoff: Lies!
Biggest turnoff: Liars.

First impressions: What he notices most in a girl is her smile and her eyes
First impressions: What he notices most in a boy is his teeth.

Flirt?: He says if hes intertested in a girl, he'd give her looks and start to follow her around
Flirt?: Ignors them

Admition: Jesse proudly admits that he IS a prep
Admition: Mickey proudly admits that he IS gay.

Favorite drink is a strawberry or banana daquiri
Favorite drink is a strawberry or banana daquiri

Dessert!: blueberry or strawberry cheesecake are jesse's fav
Dessert!: blueberry or strawberry cheesecake


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Brad Pitt wants to be gay and Jennifer Anaston says he is!

February 02, 2006 After the enormous popularity of Brokeback Mountain, Brad Pitt is desperate for a chance to play gay. A source told The Sun:Brad knows it would be seen as shocking to take on a gay role because he's seen as such a heart-throb. But he has never shied away from taking on controversial films, and he has often chosen to do smaller, more challenging movies. This is insulting to straight men everywhere, who are forced to see him with Angelina Jolie on a regular basis. Pitt asking to play a gay man is like Donald Trump auditioning for Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol.

Source: (sorry lost it but its everywhere.)

Jennifer Aniston Says Brad Pitt Is Gay - Aug 3, 2005, 06:29

In her first interview since her breakup with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston told Vanity Fair she was initially "dumbfounded" when she saw photographs of Pitt with his hair dyed "a really gay blond" shortly after the couple had split. Aniston said she recalled thinking, "Ohmigod, he didn't waste any time coming out, did he?"
According to Aniston, she had suspected for some time that all was not "on the straight and narrow" with Pitt's sexual preferences. While refusing to go into detail, Aniston confessed that Pitt wanted her "to dress up like a man" when the couple had sex. Aniston said she tried to accommodate Pitt at first, but "some of the things he wanted me to wear were quite uncomfortable—not to mention ridiculous looking.
"I didn't mind the Village People and Barbra Streisand CDs, or watching that Kevin Kline movie about the gay high school teacher over and over," said Aniston, "but the accessories were over the top."
Aniston said she finally complained to Pitt about those "accessories," but he told her if she didn't want to "play ball" with him, he would find someone else who would.
"I thought he was bluffing at first," said Aniston, "and that his so-called 'attraction' to Angelina Jolie was just an attempt to gain leverage in our relationship. The next thing I knew, he was photographed playing house with her and visiting a known gay beach in Africa. That really hurt."
Although Aniston struggled to maintain a brave facade in the Vanity Fair interview, she broke down twice during the three-hour session. The first time was when she described her reaction to Pitt's new hair color. The second time was when she recalled her feelings upon realizing that Pitt had contracted AIDS.
"That story about Brad being hospitalized with viral meningitis didn't fool me," said Aniston. "I know what that's code for."
Aniston said that even before she learned about "Brad's medical condition," she had forgiven Pitt and felt no animosity toward him.
"If he found someone willing to do things I was uncomfortable doing, more power to him—and to her. I will always love Brad, funny accessories and all."
Pitt, who is currently vacationing on Fire Island with Angelina Jolie, could not be reached for comment about Aniston's interview. Pitt's spokeswoman, Cindy Guagenti, issued a terse statement saying Aniston is "seriously delusional if she thinks Brad Pitt is gay, even though there's nothing wrong with being gay, of course. Indeed, Brad remains sincerely grateful for the support of his legions of gay fans."
In related news, Brad Pitt is reported to have purchased an ocean-front condominium in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a favorite playground destination for members of the Washington, D.C. gay community.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

What ever happened to Christopher Pettiet?

Letter from his manager.
One of my young clients, Christopher Pettiet, age 24, died of a accidental drug overdose last Wednesday, April 12. 2000. I met Chris a good 10 years ago, when he was best friends with Tobey Maguire, to whom, in my bumbling fashion (and for sad lack of Tobey having a better offer) I was makeshift manager.
Chris was hip and cool and rich at that time ó and the most flashy and successful of a young trio of actor/friends centered by Tobey and bookended on the other side by Leonardo DiCaprio. He starred in "The Young Riders" TV series, and in several films and TV movies, including "Don't Tell Mom the Baby-sitter's Dead."
Chris was on the small side when he was a kid. He was tiny and all legs and big blue eyes, and would most commonly sit like a frog when he was talking to you. He loved to surf, sneak out of his bedroom window at night to run around with his friends, listen to obnoxious music so loud that it would literally make his car bounce up and down with the bass-beats. He grew up to be over 6 feet tall, every bit as hip and cool, and, when life got tough and acting jobs became fewer, just about impoverished -- living from one small residual check to the next.
I ended up working as his manager for the past four years, always desperately walking the fine line between giving Chris support, covering up his problems and occasional catastrophes, and forcing him to face facts and take responsibility for the numerous things he did, and did not do, which made life much harder for him. I'm proud to say that I cheated and schemed and lied on behalf of Chris to keep him in favor with his agents and casting directors, and keep his career moving forward regardless of all the personal problems which kept coming forth to clobber him -- some of his own making, some just cruel fate.
I'll take it as a compliment from Chris that, for all my pompous, self-important arm-chair quarter-backing on how he should live his life (as if this colorful, mess of a life which is my own qualified me to advise anyone on how to do anything!), he never fired me as his manager for more than five hours at a time.
Chris would never, ever, admit to me that he had a problem with drugs, but so damnable old and so painfully experienced and opinionated, I spent the past two years trying to convince him to go with mutual friends to AA meetings (he went to a couple), or find some other organization to help him get a better handle on his life.
It's bitterly ironic that Chris cared so much about my opinion on innumerable things, yet felt he could never admit to me that he had a drug problem (despite the fact I obviously knew). How sad and stupid that Chris would think it would lessen my opinion of him or make me see him as anything less than just simply Chris, who I cared about and wanted to help.
I've reached a point in my life where, in order to preserve what little sanity I have left, I believe my achievements are more worthy than my failures. And I truly believe I helped Chris through a lot of difficult years and situations, and truly do not believe the loss of Chris is my failure ó but isn't it strange how what you believe is not always in agreement with what you feel?
Now the armchair quarterback is back in his office, alone and pounding these damned typewriter keys, wishing I could have found a word or a gesture or a strategy that would have not only prevented this stupid outcome for Chris, but could have convinced Chris of all the terrific things he could have had, and could have been and, in fact, all the wonderful things Chris already was. Including flawed, which we, all of use, are.
I know that, just these few days later, Chris is already of The Past, which I can never, ever change. And I know that now, I can only take his unnecessarily fear-filled friendship, his earnest love (and his sometimes frog-like beauty), and reinvest it in some future Chrises.
Whose futures, with this secret, unspoken piece of Chris which I shall so tenderly and lovingly place within them, should turn out -- please God -- much finer and brighter for the troubles Chris had to go through.
Chris' mom, Helen, had asked that, in lieu of flowers, anyone who would like to remember Chris should please do so by making whatever small contribution they might care to, to the young people's acting studio where Chris got his start ó and always felt appreciated and welcomed, even as an adult. It would have made Chris happy to know that some other young, hopeful kids, could find the support and opportunity he found there.
The Christopher Pettiet Scholarship c/o Center Stage L.A. Attn: Kevin McDermott P.O. Box 1368 Culver City, CA 90232

What ever happened to Jonathan Brandis?

November 18, 2003
Yes, the reports you’ve been hearing are sadly true. Last Wednesday, November 12th, the 27 year-old television star, Jonathan Brandis committed suicide by hanging himself, and friends discovered him. There was no suicide note.
Preliminary toxilogical reports reveal that there was NO trace of drugs of any kind found in Jonathon’s body. None.
Our hearts go out to this fine young actor’s parents, Greg and Mary, who are understandably devastated by this death.
Speculations as to the underlying causes of this tragedy are exactly that; speculations. It serves no purpose to leap to conclusions for none of us will really know what led Jonathan to his decision to take his life.
We are left with a sense of helplessness and perhaps even anger that this thoroughly unexpected death occurred when we have spent years developing resources to deal with any and all crisis situations.
This one hurts. What more can we say?
Paul Petersen,AMC

Jonathan Brandis' Apparent Suicide.
Actor Jonathan Brandis, who began his television and film career as a child star, has died, the victim of an apparent suicide. He was 27.
Brandis was best known for his portrayal of crewmember Lucas Wolenczek on two seasons of Steven Spielberg's underwater sci-fi series, SeaQuest DSV, which catapulted him to teen-idol status.

Police said a friend of Brandis' called 911 from the actor's apartment just before midnight on November 11 to report that Brandis had attempted suicide by hanging. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital but he died the next day.
Paul Peterson, president of A Minor Consideration, an organization that deals with issues affecting child actors, released a statement expressing his sorrow over Brandis' death.
"We are left with a sense of helplessness and perhaps even anger that this thoroughly unexpected death occurred when we have spent years developing resources to deal with any and all crisis situations," Peterson's statement read. "This one hurts. What more can we say?"
The Los Angeles coroner's office performed an autopsy, but won't announce the cause of death until Brandis' blood and toxicology results are returned, which could take up to six weeks. However, according to Peterson, initial reports showed no sign of drugs in Brandis' system.
"Speculations as to the underlying cause of this tragedy are exactly that: speculations. It serves no purpose to leap to conclusions for none of us will really know what led Jonathan to his decision to take his life," Peterson stated.
Born April 13, 1976 in Danbury, Connecticut, Brandis got his start at age six, when he landed a recurring role on the soap One Life to Live and appeared in numerous commercials. He moved to Los Angeles with his family at age nine, and made guest appearances on shows such as Murder She Wrote and Who's the Boss?
Brandis earned his first starring film role in 1990's The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter. He went on to appear in 1992's Ladybugs with Rodney Dangerfield and more recently in the Farrelly brother's Outside Providence in 1999.
Brandis reportedly left no suicide note. He was an only child, who is survived by his parents, Greg and Mary Brandis.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio gay or maybe experimenting or what?

In Agnieszka Holland's film Total Eclipse, about the twisted, stormy relationship between the French poets Aurthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, the two rhapsodists got shit-faced on absinthe, and Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio) vigorously porked Verlaine (David Thewlis) in the derriere. So iIs Leonardo DiCaprio gay?
Since I've never attempted to have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio, I can't speak to his sexual preference. Although it seems like every male star who makes a splash gets accused of being gay at some point unless he makes a big show of his promiscuity with women a la Warren Beatty and Matt Damon. In my opinion, the ones who flaunt their heterosexuality are probably more likely to be gay than the ones who choose to keep their personal life personal. Alexis Williams has a Masters Degree in Public Health from Emory University. Her specialty is health education. What we're saying is that she's qualified to write this column and that you can trust her advice because she's not just some chump we pulled off the street.


Leo and Lindsey Lohan: It's kind of like it's a status symbol to have dated Lindsey Lohan or something. Everybody wants to do it for at least a day. Who's up next?
I live in L.A., and for years I have been told that Leo is gay, that he wanted to come out and his management wouldn't let him. When he was with Gisele, I thought maybe I'd heard wrong. This Lohan thing convinces me that he really may be in the closet.
Leo has always seemed a litle on the small and feminine side to me. I mean really what can this guy really be packing, 3, 4 inches tops? Im sure Lindsay will get tired of the artificial penis extender Leo must strap on every time they have sex, much like Giselle did.
"Just hold on a minute Linda, I mean Lindsay,I can't seem to get this one buckle done up..."
King of the world my ass.


From Leo: On rumors:"I've heard some rumors...that I'm gay... If I want to go to a party with a few male friends, it doesn't mean that I'm gay." "I don't see why I can't have friends of both sexes without rumors being spread about me. It's crazy. People always like to make up stories. I am not planning on getting married. Then again, I might wake up tomorrow and decide to get married! If you hear of any incident about me - a fight, a change of clothes, a little extra gel in the hair, don't believe it till you talk to me."

Does this mean he may wake up tomorrow and be gay?- CJ


heard a lot of stuff like leo has been in gay films,and that he literally that true....if it is i wouldnt care,and i heard he has a real temper and he beats up everyone.


Commenting on the movie Total Eclipse: "There is homosexuality, but the film's not about that... It's about a young guy who wanted to experience everything and that was just one element of many, for him to partake in."

Maybe he experiments?-CJ


"I have the same problem as Edward Furlong. I'm so thin!"

Ever looked at Edward Furlong?- CJ


Leonardo DiCaprio has dated a lot of jaw-droppingly beautiful girls. He has a good eye for the ladies. Therefore I can only assume that one of the following has occured. Either 1) these stories are lies, 2) Leo's high as a kite, 3) Leo's gone gay and naturally thinks Kirsten Dunst is hiding something in her pants. Maybe there are other explanations, involving black magic and testicles kept in jars of ether, but I just don't want to know.


In the days following the Titanic film, numerous theories surrounding the event were proposed. Some said that Kate Winslet had put on a lot of weight. Others said that Leonardo DiCaprio was gay. Perhaps the most outlandish suggestion of them all was that the iceberg in the movie was nothing more than a metaphore for four growing social consciousness in the newer generation, and may have been actually been the cause of the sinking of the first Titanic. This is also claimed by some of the survivors of the wreck (although their opinion shouldn't count since they were too close to the event to see things objectively). It is well known however that high magnetic fields (as would have been present in "lobster twirls") cause unusual effects in the brain, and may have caused them to see hallucinations of an iceberg. Some people say that there were several icebergs in the area that could have caused it, but this "iceberg consipiracy theory" holds no water, which is ironic unlike the wreck of the Titanic, which is still soggily floating in bits and pieces on the oceans of the world. The Tit-anic is truly a global phenomenon. Lengend holds, that if you utter the word "Tit-anic" three times into an mirror, you'll look stupid. The prospect of there ever being a 'Titanic II' - alternative titles included 'The Ship That Wouldn't Sink' and 'The Boobtaculous Adventures of Kate Winslet and her Gay, Monkey-Loving Matey Leo' - is scarce since both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were killed in a double-murder-suicide after Kate caught Leo making out with director James Cameron. Suffice to say, the movie industries has lost three truly great idiots.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jamie Bell gay? Very complicated...

Jamie Bell plays the pronoun game
As usual, let me preface this item by saying that I have no idea if Jamie Bell is actually gay or straight or whatever. But now that he's 19 and starring in movies like King Kong, the young actor most famous for bringing The Dance to a Thatcher-era British mining town in Billy Elliot is going to have to plant his flag on one side of the sexuality fence. You know, for magazine-profile and press-junket purposes.
But this interview in The Guardian suggests that Bell - who has politely sidestepped the whole teen-awkward-stage thing and could grace the cover of GQ tomorrow - actively wants to start rumors about his own sexuality. He lists the three most important people in his life as his mother (sweet), Billy Elliot and The Hours director Stephen Daldry (who was openly gay and then married a woman) and (DING!) "my best mate from up north, he's like my soul mate, my brother, and he's just started drama school in Mountview. We are each other's mentor. He gives me what I need and I give him what he needs."
Yowza. Jamie sounds like, um, a really good friend. And later, Bell stumbles through the most awkward round of The Pronoun Game this side of a CSI cast party:
Bell: No, actually, I think I wear my heart on my sleeve in real relationships. I haven't got a girlfriend at the moment.
Guardian: Are you missing that?
Bell: The companionship, yes. But I'm not really looking. I'm a believer that something will find me; a person will just come and connect.
Guardian: What kind of person do you believe you will connect with?
Bell: I don't really have a list of attributes that they'd have to attain.
Guardian: Well, what would you like from a relationship? Do you want to give love or receive more?
Bell: I like to protect and provide, though if it was not reciprocated I would feel incredibly vulnerable. I often find myself giving and also find myself needing.
Clearly the reporter is teasing the poor lad, asking him if he wants to give or receive more. But hey, look at Bell's answer. At least he's versatile.

BILLY ELLIOTT star JAMIE BELL has slammed "absurd" reports he is homosexual.Bell's sexuality was called into question when he moved into Billy Elliott director STEPHEN DALDRY's home as a teenager and kissed the film-maker after winning a Best Actor BAFTA award for the 2000 movie.But the English actor, 19, says, "Me, gay? That's absurd."People can think what they want. But I do find all these rumours about whether I'm gay weird. And on a personal level, it's a bit odd to be talking about it."He's a friend and mentor. He got me where I am today. I don't think our relationship's weird and I wasn't expecting to get so much attention from it."He's a great person to learn from."

and a place in his heart. It seems it was really that simple. Tawdry tabloid speculation implied that there was something very unseemly about a gay director and a young boy. Homophobic nonsense. Daldry said at the time that Jamie was a catalyst for all kinds of paternal feelings he never knew he had. Daldry has since married dancer Lucy Sexton and they have a little girl Annabel, who Jamie regards as his little sister.
He stresses, 'I didn't just go and move in with him. It was over time. We established a sense of hierarchy within the relationship. I was still living up north and finishing off school, but I had the burning desire to leave and he was there to facilitate that. My mother could see that urge and she sent me down there. After I had been in London for about two months I'd got used to it, so leaving was hard. My mother knew I didn't want to be in the world up there, so she was very happy for me.'
It does sound like there was a strong connection with Stephen, the kind of thing that people expect of love relationships; but thiswas different.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gareth Gates Gay?

Fame has been good for Gareth, he has had to have a reality check, he now lives in London on his own.After Pop Idols, Will Young came out and claimed he was Gay, up until now Gareth had not met any gay people in Bradford. Gareth and Will have performed together at many gay venues. Gareth first performed at the Astoria club in London, he was used to an audience of teenage little girls screaming, crying, fainting and being crushed in the crowds at him, but now here at the Astoria Club it was exactly the same, but these were big butch men doing it.

After Pop Idol, there was a great hoo-ha when the winner, Will Young, came out as gay, but Gareth says it came as no surprise to him. Did he know any gays before Will, back in Bradford? Oh no, he says, there weren't any gays in Bradford. 'To move from Bradford where there are no gays to London where it's like - whoa! But that's cool.' Do gays fancy him? 'Yeah. I performed at a thing called GAY at the Astoria club, and that was crazy. When I walked on stage I went agh, because I'm used to an audience of little girls screaming, crying, fainting, being crushed - and it was exactly the same, but with big men, crying and all! At first I was very nervous, but then I relaxed and thought: "Well, I'm here to perform, go for it" - so I started blowing them kisses!'

"Gareth Gates and Will Young" -> "Well hung randiest gay goat." (by Judy Miller using Anagram Genius)

by Anonymous on 08 oktober 2004
To be honest, Will Young is possibly still famous but gareth is falling by the way side, im certain to turn both of their careers around they need to make things happen between each other. Gareth is so blatently gay, why wont he admit that.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Elijah Wood gay?

After hearing the rumours about Aaron Carter and Elijah Wood's affair I decided to look into the the Elijah rumours of him being gay a bit further... CJ

blind item from
"Could it be that a certain film fella is trying to straighten up his image? That's the buzz on the set of his latest flick, where crew members openly laugh about the publicity linking the little monkey with two of his female costars. I hear that both ladies have compared notes and realize that the diminutive dude's attentions are visible only when the press is around. When the cameras aren't rolling and the lights are turned down low, our adventurous little imp is off jonesing with any male he can get his hands on. And I'm told that hands are his least popular receptacle. The buzz is that his thumb isn't the only thing he's good at sucking. I hear that he can't live his life without dick...and that's one too many clues, if you ask me. "
"Monkey" - Elijah Wood's childhood nickname was "Monkey.""Jonesing" - Elijah Wood's character in his new movie, Try Seventeen, is named Jones."Thumb sucking" - Elijah Wood is said to be filming a movie called Thumbsucker soon."Diminutive" - Elijah Wood is very short.
Source: Elijah Wood is very very gay.

Elijah Wood is finally addressing those gay rumors. And unlike certain megabucks stars — Tom Cruise, for instance — he’s not threatening to sue. In fact, the “Lord of the Rings” star seems amused. Wood says he likes to surf the Web and look at doctored photos that put him in compromising positions with men.“There’s one that’s called elijahwoodisveryverygay, which is actually a personal favorite of mine, it’s absolutely hilarious,” Wood said, reports World Entertainment News Network. “It’s this kind of joke Web site that maintains that they have proof that I am very, very gay in various photographs — photographic evidence (of me) holding hands with a male.”

Earlier this year, American Star magazine reported that Elijah hunted down a guy who snapped a photo of him and a male pal at a gay West Hollywood bar called `Here`.
A source said: "Elijah ran after the guy. He was screaming. When he finally caught him, Elijah insisted that the picture be destroyed. The fan looked scared. He didn`t realize it would be such a big deal to snap Elijah Wood in a gay bar."

Out reports that Elijah Wood, the Lord of the Rings whose sexuality has been the subject of much speculation, was at the Motorola party at the Sundance Film Festival "shaking his groove thang to tunes by Madonna, Beyonce, and other gay faves. But all of this was done with his posse?a long-haired man and two women. Now, the group dance ploy has long been used at parties by queer celebs who want to go out with the object of their affection but not be seen to be so exclusive that tongues start wagging. was assured that Wood once had an affair with one of his sexy female costars. Sounds good to us?and weren?t Rock Hudson and Oscar Wilde married to women?"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is Aaron Carter Gay?

The "rumours" are collected from around the web, and are as follows:

An unconfirmed Internet report has Aaron Carter giving "major head" to Trevor Blumas and Trevor's boyfriend Hayden Christensen at a concert party, and also spending a week together with Trevor, sometime in 2003.

According to the posted on the web by one of Aarons handlers said it was a tag-team situation which I hear a lot of gay guys do when they get a trophy like aaron. All three were at a party. Trevor scored on Aaron, took him upstairs to a private room where Hayden was waiting. it was a two on one tag team with both getting major "head" from Aaron. I guess thats way Aarons got his tongue spiked, its what gay guys do to make oral sex better. But who knows for sure.

Trevor and Hayden are not the first to share in Aaron. That honor goes to none other than Elijah Wood and who seduced Aaron way back after the premire of "two towers" back in 2002. It was after a Lakers game. Back then Aaron was a "Grade A virgin veal prize". Anyway, Elijah Wood and his gay friend lured Aaron into a rented SUV during a Lakers game where he was seduced and de-flowered by Elijah Wood first. There are before and after pics of the two of them at the game, before shows Elijah Wood and a fresh-faced Aaron sitting courtside behind the Lakers bench. they are having a good time. Then at half-time they dissappear, only to return during the third quarter. Then it is obvious and clear that Aaron has been thro some rough sex-play, his blonde haired is mussed, his Lakers jersey is disheveled and kind of hanging off his bare shoulder, he has a glazed look in his eyes, and obvious "love bites" are on his neck (hickies). Also, dried "cream-like" material is present on his blushing cheeks and chin. Maybe a slight bruising around his bare upper arms and what appears to be "rope-burns" on his wrists? (Elijah Wood is known for his kinky tendencies.)

Since then, Aaron has gotten the reputatiuon for being an "easy lay". What was once "prime A virgin-veal", has slightly been downgraded to used "grade B, boy-meat". (Some gay dudes refer to their conquests as some kind of meat).

Many closeted gay hollywood types have used Aarons body for one-nite stands----Leo, Chad, Scott, Elijah Wood, and also Trevor Blumus.

Oh, as to Airboy having a girlfriend? You mean Hillary D? She is a front (or a 'beard' which is what gay dudes use to cover themselves) and even she has come out and claimed that she offered up her young virginal sex to Aaron who got flustered and ran away from it. But her claims are also suspect as it now appears that she was aiming to get herself knocked up by Aaron so as to latch on to his bank account before his mother got it. Both she and that other girl, (i forget her name now) were both competing to get into Airboys pants since he was 13!! But it looked like Elijah Wood beat them to it.

Please note that the report is not verified or confirmed but he is at least bisexual, and he has reportedly made a veiled assertion about his being bisexual in a gay-oriented magazine entitled "Y-14".


The following article was reported by, about Aarons time with Michael Jackson and his support of him.

Teen pop star Aaron Carter is speaking out to PEOPLE about his troubled relationship with his mother and sister and about his friendship with Michael Jackson. After Carters mother Jane told Access Hollywood that her son had spent an unsupervised night with Jackson at his Neverland Ranch, and Carters sister Leslie, 18, implied that drug use may have been involved, Carter told PEOPLE: I dont do drugs. I didnt do them with Michael Jackson and I dont do them with anyone else. Carter, 16, had a lot more to say in a frank discussion. On his mother and sister: I really dont like being around them. All I hear is You need to go on television and make me look better. I just think, Just be my mother, just be my sister. Its all about money and publicity for them. My last word to (my mother) is that shes the adult, not me. But it seems to be switched around. On his playdate at Neverland with Jackson, who has been charged with child molestation: Michael and I have been friends for three years. I went to Neverland for his (45th) birthday bash. We were smashing cake in each others faces. It was really cool. Until 5 a.m., me, him and Chris Tucker were out on four-wheelers, riding around in the mountains. Nothing happened between me and Michael. We didnt sleep in the same room, we didnt share a bed. We have a normal friendship. Theres nothing sexual to it. I dont consider myself with anybody, but Ive been seeing a couple of people.
On women hes attracted to: Im not going to tell you, Oh, looks dont matter. If you dont look good, get away from me! On his next career move: My sound is definitely changing (for an upcoming album). It is going to have more of an R&B vibe with some rock. Its influenced by Craig David, Usher and Justin Timberlake. Meanwhile, Carters mother Jane stands by her decision to go on television and question the night her son spent with Jackson. I told the truth, she says. I dont know what happened at Michael Jacksons house, but I was concerned like any parent would be. Jane does admit to a rift between mother and son: I dont have a regular phone number for him, I dont see him like I would like to. But she hopes to work things out. I will say that I love Aaron with all my heart, says Jane, 45. I want to be a loving mother to him. I am on his side. I want whats best for him. I know that he may not believe it at this moment, but it is true. I would do anything for him. Aaron says that there is a fairly easy way to end their family squabble. I would forgive my mom, he says, but shes going to have to admit she did some things that were wrong.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Clay Aiken on looking for love and in hotels.

Aiken for online love?

More gay men may be making claims about Clay Aiken, according to the "American Idol" star's reputed sex partner John Paulus. The strapping ex-Marine tells us that, "two and half hours" after their alleged Jan. 2 Quality Inn tryst, Aiken was back online "cruising" on and Paulus says that Aiken would actually admit to Web buddies who he was, then prove it by inviting them to "'View my video cam.' On it, you can see his face." (Aiken's reps didn't return our calls.)


January 18, 2006

Clay Aiken's cumrag preserved by gay opportunist? It sounds rather insane, but one of gossip hound Billy Masters sources at the tabloids squealed that a man named John from North Carolina sold the paper a story about his steamy encounter with Clay Aiken. The story is apparently with the papers lawyers and is ready to go now that John's evidence has been tested and he passed a lie detector test. John and Aiken swapped photos, chatted online, and spoke on the phone - all of which John says he can be proven with supporting documentation - prior to them getting together at Aiken's hotel two weeks later where they supposedly had ninety minutes of unsafe sex in a variety of positions and some post-coital conversation. And yes, that's when the sleazebag opportunist saw fit to snag the washcloth Aiken used to clean up with and John kept it fresh in a zip-lock bag for DNA testing.

Source: Queerday

Clay Aiken in trouble

Clay Aiken's second album may be in trouble, with RCA putting it "on hold" until the sex allegations of former Green Beret John Paulus blow over. And there are rumors that Aiken's rabid fans could file a class-action lawsuit against the singer. "He represented himself as a heterosexual choirboy," a source said. "They might want their money back." A rep for Aiken said, "The album will come out some time in May." RCA can wait as long as they want, allegations about Clay Aiken aren't going away any time soon. The only way he could make it any clearer is if he called his new album Homo Ballads and the album cover showed him playing a xylophone made entirely of penises.