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Is Chris O'Donnell Gay?

Once had sex with Chris O'Donell at a gay club in London, so it is probable Tom Cruise, who is much more closeted acting, is gay as well.

BELIEVE IT!!! hahahahhhaha

Posted by: lalala Jun 8, 2005 7:36:31 AM

Probably not gay, he is married and has 4 children.-CJ

Chris O'Donnell and wife have fourth child

LOS ANGELES, March 25 (UPI) -- And baby makes six for actor Chris O'Donnell and his wife, Caroline Fentress, who have given birth in Los Angeles to their fourth child.

The new arrival, a boy, was born Thursday, People magazine reported. His name was not immediately released.

"Everybody is happy and healthy," O'Donnell's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, told the magazine.

The little brother joins Lily, 6, Chip, 5, and Charlie, 2.

O'Donnell and Fentress married in 1997.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Justin Berfield is apparently gay.

LOS ANGELES -- Who knew they paid the kids on "Malcolm in the Middle" this much? Justin Berfield, who plays Reese, is buying the home owned by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. The asking price was $3.75 million, but there is no word how much he actually paid for it. Berfield is 19 and single. The home is in Calabasas, north of Los Angeles. It's Mediterranean-style and includes a screening room and music studio. The house served as the backdrop for "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica."

Now ..... I have an idea for another show but it would take confirming a rumor! I have talked about this in the past but there is a webpage that claims that Reese (Justin Berfield) from Malcolm in the Middle is gay. You have to really read the webpage to see all of the work this guy put into connecting Hayden Christensen, Trevor Blumas, Justin, and Aaron Carter to being gay. Well, today's news story shows that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have sold their "Newlywed" home to 19 year old Justin Berfield. This was confirmed by a press release from Lachey/Simpson publicist and repeated by the publicist for Justin, Hope Diamond. Yes, I know I thought the same thing.....he has to be gay. He has a Drag Queen for a publicist. Well since the Newlywed house is already accustomed to reality television I think Justin should have a show. We could see if all the young gay Hollywood stars are hanging out together and ewwwing and ahhhhhing over anything Jessica or Nick left behind! I know I would love to see if Trevor Blumas stops by. You really need to read that webpage above and see how Justin is used to living. This really could be a great show!!

This image of him with his dog just about confirms that Justin Berfield is gay.


Re: Justin Berfield?

Rumour has it he's gay and has a boyfriend.


Re: Justin Berfield?

Justin Berfield of "malcolm in the middle" is gay. He has slept with pop star Aaron Carter who is linked to Star Wars Star Hayden Christensen Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the recent "Star Wars" series of movies. The following article reports that Carter was seen "giving major head" to both Christensen and his long-time boyfriend, Canadian actor Trevor Blumas.


About Trevor Blumus He also admits to having had sex with Aaron Carter and Justin Berfield, at a time when Trevor was 18-19 and Aaron and Justin were 15-16. And of course, he also admits to his love affair with Hayden Christensen, and admits that Hayden is the one true love of Trevor's life, and vice versa.


Trevor Blumas is NOT Gay! That's what some people say, but I'm positive he IS gay. I'm also positive he was Hayden Christensen's boyfriend in the past, and also "dated" Aaron Carter and Justin Berfield (Reese of "Malcolm in the Middle").

There's this guy who says that Trevor has admitted to him more than once that he is gay, and writes a whole bunch about Trevor, and writes like a lawyer and proves pretty well that Trevor is gay.

But who cares anyway? Trevor Blumas is absolutely gorgeous, gay or not.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Gay.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement and played in a gay role in the movie Speedway Junky... Has apparently come out. Found the following-- CJ

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Gay
Jonathan Taylor currently in talks about his sexual orientation with a major alternative lifestyle publication.
I can remember his first time he was in the Advocate about the rumors of his gay lifestyle.
You can not blame him for not wanting to tell the truth until after he entered college. It was only a short time after he entered college that he was turned down from Sigma Chi due to his participation in the on campus Gay and Lesbian groups.
Some people even speculate whether or not he even graduated from Harvard in 2004.
Today at 24 years old, Jonathan Taylor Thomas(Born Jonathan Taylor Weiss) has decided his coming out will help many other children to cope with their sexual identity.
All will be revealed in his tell all story!

Re: Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Gay
Good for him! I'm sure he will help a lot of teenagers who may be trying to decide what their sexual orientation is
I can't imagine that life is easy for Jonathan Taylor Thomas, growing up in the spot light and then comming out to tell the world your gay. I admire his courage, and the fact that he is willing to sacrifice himself of the hollywood alter to help out others. I give him 2 big thumbs up, and in my book he is still so darn cute..

I was just wondering if the rumors that Johnathan Taylor Thomas is gay are true. He certainly seems to be gay in my opinion. After all, he did star in a few gay-oriented films and he did a good job portraying a gay teenager in them. Of course, he knows all about the way a gay teenager acts from his own life experiences.
Where the hell is jonathan taylor thomas and is gay or not.?celebrity news update.
6 Answers
He is in college right now studing to become a director he has made several gueast appearances in Tv shows though. He doesn't look as cute as before his hair is a bit long and it looks like his nose got bigger lol.
Who knows where Jonathan Taylor Thomas is. . .and why should we care what his orientation is?

Over the years I've worked with so many smart, funny, talented gay people, and I just don't think about it. They're my friends.” Jonathan Taylor Thomas quotes

Friday, May 25, 2007

My bad... Jim Verraros- I am the only one who didn't know he was gay.

I missed this one... my bad... but he is hot! So I'm mentioning him anyway!-- CJ

American Idol Contestant Jim Verraros Talks To Queer Magazine
QUEER, a special interest online magazine targeted at gay and lesbian readers, recently landed an interview with "American Idol" contestant Jim Verraros. In the interview, Verraros talks about his favorite Idol (George Michael), his indie film credits, being a GLBT role model and his new album Unsaid and Understood. One of our favorite quotes from the interview? "I think everyone should dress the way the want to. If people don't like it, f*ck them." Verraros follows up later in the interview by saying he swears "like a motherf*ckin' sailor." Is he cute or what? To read the full interview, visit

How cool is he!!!-- CJ

James Conrad Verraros (b. February 8, 1983) is an American singer/entertainer and native of Crystal Lake, Illinois who is most notable for being one of the top 10 finalists in the first season of American Idol. Because he was raised by deaf parents, he is fluent in American Sign Language. Jim is of Greek (father) and German, Irish, French and English (mother) descent.
Personal lifeThe first openly gay contestant ever to be on American Idol, Verraros quickly became a celebrity in the American gay press because of a controversy that erupted when Fox Broadcasting Company made him remove gay-friendly comments from his network-sponsored American Idol web site in the summer of 2002. In contrast, the winner of Pop Idol season one, AI's British parent series, was openly gay singer Will Young.
Verraros recently released his first internationally-released album Rollercoaster (2005), which has garnered a couple dance floor hits, including the Top 25 Billboard Dance Chart hit "You Turn It On." The album was produced and co-written by Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Gabe Lopez and features four songs co-written by American Idol Finalist Angela Peel.
As an actor, Verarros is a star of the 2004 gay-themed comedy, Eating Out, directed by Q. Allan Brocka and produced by Ariztical Entertainment.

His my space page!!!--CJ
JIM VERRAROS - Debut Album April 26, 2005
Lives: New York, New York United States
Profile Views: 30150
Last Login: 5/17/2006

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Charlie Hunnam from British Queer as folk... is way hot!

I watched the whole series of the Uk queer as folk and wow Charlie Hunnam is way hot! He plays a gay guy and by the end is ruling Manchester... like he would!
So looked into some stuff about him... he was discovered while goofing off in a shoe store in his native Newcastle, Hunnam was quickly cast on the BBC series "Byker Grove", playing a long-locked model with a recurring role. From here he was cast on the BBC teen series "Microsoap" and then landed the co-starring role on Channel 4's "Queer as Folk" (1999). Hunnam brought Nathan from shy, curious innocent to an increasingly self-aware and determined man about town in the initial eight episodes of the controversial series about gay life and reprised the role in the two-hour sequel "Queer as Folk 2" (2000). As Nathan, Hunnam played such an integral role in the groundbreaking series that he became something of a role model for gay youth. The influence of the series was so far-reaching that the young actor was asked to participate in a parliamentary debate about the discriminatory British age of consent laws.--CJ

What he is up to now-
Charlie's Children of Men
English actor Charlie Hunnam is in talks to join Clive Owen and Julianne Moore in "Children of Men," based on the book by mystery writer P.D. James. The Universal Pictures project is set in the near future, when mankind has lost the ability to reproduce, and the world is rocked by the news that the world's youngest person -- who is 18 -- has died. Hunnam will play a young rebel trying to incite chaos. Alfonso Cuaron will direct.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sean Faris homoerotic horror!

They say Sean Faris is the next Tom Cruise... god help him... CJ

Gay Horror Film Star Sean Faris Enjoyed 'Getting Wet'Sean Faris, who bears a remarkable resemblance to a young Tom Cruise, is starring as a hot skater-boy in Sleepover. But before he gained some respectability as an actor, Faris paid the rent by starring in MTV's "Undressed" and low budget flicks like The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks - a homoerotic horror tale; kind of like a gay version of Skulls. When recently asked about his experience in Young Warlocks by TV Guide, Faris responded with "Oh, you had to go there... I loved how in Warlocks, they put us in white boxer briefs, threw us in a pool and then made us get out. That was real cute." Well, we thought so.

The TV vet of the never completed Reunion of the cult hit life as we know it (now on DVD) just completed back to back spreads in the gay friendly Flaunt and the very gay Out.

Some info on him-- CJ

Sean H. Faris (b. March 25, 1982 in Houston, Texas) is an American actor, who most recently starred in FOX's Reunion. In early 2006, Reunion was cancelled by FOX due to poor ratings. This was Sean's second show that had massive cult appraisal that was cancelled. TriviaHas said that he doesn't like junk food, it depresses him.
He is a city boy with country roots.
Would like one day to own his own land.
Plans to someday write, produce, and direct his own movies.
While filming in Vancouver for Life As We Know It and Reunion he resided in the city for a while.
"Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a theme song that he has said relates to his life.
Lives on an old proverb "Timing Is Everything".
Named the Junior Male Model of the Year at the IMTA event in 1999 even though he was four to six inches shorter than his competitors. He eventually gave up modeling to focus on acting.
Most of his family members live back in Houston while his mother and stepfather still live in Parma.
Has said that his family is his #1 priority.
Has one brother and one step-sister.
Attended Padua Franciscan High School in Parma, Ohio. He graduated with honors in 2000 and moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue an acting career a few weeks later.
Wanted to be an actor when he was 17 years old.
Born in Houston, Texas; moved to Parma, Ohio, at age 12 with his mother.
While auditioning for the role of Dino Whitmas in Life As We Know It, he helped newcomer Missy Peregrym by simply wearing slippers. When he put them on, Missy remarked, "Why are you wearing slippers?" The casting directors felt the connection between them.
A proud Aries; he loves to compete and win.
Addicted to his X-box.
Apprehensive at first when Kelly Osbourne would be one of his castmates in Life As We Know It; afraid that she wouldn't take the role seriously. However, he's changed his tune and praises her as being a talented actress.
When asked who he'd like to meet, dead or alive, Sean answered "Alexander the Great."
Private LifeSean, like many other celebrities, prefers and tries to keep his private life closed off to the paparazzi. Faris has been reported to have had a serious relationship before entering California but later was broken. Then he dated a Maxim model and an unknown resident from Vancouver during the shooting of Life As We Know It and Reunion.
He has denied rumours that he is dating Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria— they are just friends.
In a recent interview, Sean claims that he is done going clubbing and is thinking about finding "The One" of whom he wants to approach them, not the other way around and is the one that could cook also, not just him.
[edit]MyspaceSean has a myspace account but tries it out from the public eye to protect his idenity. Like many other celebrities, or well-known personnel, many people have posed as Faris with fake myspace accounts. To avoid anyone easily finding his real account, Sean Faris does not use his real name.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clay Aitkin is back out.

The damage control begins!!

A dirty little bird tells us that The Gayken is set to perform on the American Idol finale this Wednesday night, marking his first high-profile appearance since his recent gay sexcapades have made headlines.

Set your TiVos now!

Also, Clay is scheduled to meet with and give an award to a young fan. Though, we do hear Clay is a giver.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Is TransAmerica star Kevin Zegers gay?

Kevin Zegers, the hot supporting star from the move Transamerica, plays a male prostitute and apparently he threw himself into the role by doing some 'research' in Toronto. Kevin is also involved in a movie by Elton John's production company. Wonder how they connected up? Also rumours seem to be around that Kevin is quite 'Chummy' with Kelly Osbourne... but seriously is Kelly they typical Fag Hag or what? Like I mean look at her!
As for girls in his life... I cannot find any... and boys hmmm.. nothing on that either... or an official web site. He is either off the Hollywood Radar, or very good secretive PR company. I'll keep looking.-- CJ


Canadian actor KEVIN ZEGERS stalked the streets pretending to be a male prostitute while preparing for his role in new movie TRANSAMERICA. The 21-year-old star, who plays FELICITY HUFFMAN's gigolo son in the movie, solicited another man for sex and agreed a price, before making his escape through a back door. And Zegers insists he was relieved to become familiar with the "scary" aspect of his role prior to filming. He tells gay magazine Attitude, "I went to Toronto with my manager and he showed me the hustler neighbourhoods where kids sell themselves. "So I went in there and sold myself for $350 and proceeded to run off as fast as possible; I said I was going to the bathroom, exited out the back door and ran off." And the star haggled to ensure his customer valued his assets. He adds, "He started out with $200 and I said I would only do $500 because I don't do this very often. He said the most he had was $350. I said I'd take it. "It was a cool learning experience because it was much more civilised than I imagined. "I thought the whole film would be scary for me to do so getting that stuff out of the way before you start alleviates being uncomfortable when you're on set."

Up and comer Kevin Zeger cast in a Sir Elton flick
Elton's 'Boy Girl Thing'
No, Sir Elton's not back to identifying as bisexual again - he's just producing a movie along with his partner, David Furnish, one called "It's a Boy Girl Thing." Imagine "Freaky Friday," "All of Me" and "The War of the Roses" in a blender, and you'll be close to this story of a young man and woman - bitter enemies, but kinda sorta still hot for each other - who wind up switching bodies. Then they spend their time trying to ruin each other's lives. The film, currently shooting in Toronto and London, stars up-and-coming cute guy Kevin Zegers and "The O.C."'s Samaire Armstrong as the warring parties, who will no doubt be making out by the time the credits crawl. Added bonus: co-star Sharon Osbourne, a woman destined for bigger-than-life status on the multiplex screen, is finally going there.


Sources tells that Osbourne has gotten quite "close" lately with Canadian hottie and Transamerica star Kevin Zegers.
The two sure did look cozy as they spent this past weekend together at her family's Malibu house, a source tells us. The couple even got all domestic, hitting up the local Ralph's for some grocery shopping.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tom Cruise and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas are lovers!

No doubt that anyone with an Internet connection has read about Tom Cruise being gay. According to rumor lore, he has had a long-time boyfriend in Chicago who is an Asian pilot for American Airlines. This is an accusation that Cruise and more importantly Cruise's many attorneys vehemently deny.
There have been many stories that supposedly corroborate his sexuality but never a smoking gun. Rumor mongers attribute this to the fact that Cruise goes to great lengths to cover his tracks. We are told that everyone around him signs extensive confidentiality contracts with enormous penalties for indiscretion. (Exhibit A: the 8-page confidentiality contract Cruise's housekeeper was forced to sign).
Such stories have been around for years and Cruise has evidently attempted to counter them with a series of high-profile heteronormative relationships. First, Nicole Kidman, then Penelope Cruz, and most recently Katie Holmes. In each instance, the "relationship" is actually a contract that gives the women a boost to their careers, a lot of money, and an elegant lifestyle.
Here is where this particular rumor gets interesting. Not long ago, Marisol, the wife of Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas (who has had to contend with his own rumors of bi-sexuality) found her husband in bed with Tom Cruise causing Cruise's people to shift into high gear.
First, Mrs. Rob Thomas was bought off for an undetermined sum.
Second, Cruise and his handlers set out to immediately find Cruise a girlfriend. Second-tier actresses were targeted. A list was drawn up with Jessica Alba (#1 pick) and three other girls who fell out for various reasons. Originally targeted (#3 I think) but later rejected as "undesirable" was rumor queen Lindsay Lohan. Way down at #5 on the list was Katie Holmes, but that was the one with whom they were able to strike a deal.
Once the contact was signed, photo ops were set up, leaks were made to the right places, and we've had celebrity relationship on steroids ever since.
One thing I will credit this rumor for is how it nicely explains Tom's behavior this past few months-including the couch jumping episode on Oprah. Cruise simply didn't have time for the Holmes rumors to circulate at its normal speed and he couldn't allow it to be second page news while the tabloids focused on Brad, Jennifer and Angelina. No, this relationship had to immediately become the "it" topic.
Well, that's how we hear it.


Tom Cruise and Rob Thomas caught in bed
If there's one thing I know, it's that random gossip from total strangers based on absolutely no facts is true about 100% of the time. That said, here's an email that reader Rob decided to forward in.
So, I work with this girl who has a family friend that works in PR in Hollywood, and she always has fun little scoops about celeb stuff. Well, if this is true, this is just ridiculous! So, the whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing - apparently, it is, like we all thought anyway, a ridiculous PR thing. Tom Cruise was supposedly caught in bed with Rob Thomas (the lead singer of Matchbox 20) by Rob Thomas's wife, Marisol. Rob Thomas is also a Scientologist. Obviously, nobody wanted this to get out, and Marisol was going nuts threatening to expose them. I think that she might be getting paid off, but to preempt any rumors about Tom, the Scientology people as well as Tom's PR people basically recruited Katie Holmes to play this part of Tom's super-excited girlfriend, and they are just paying her a b*ttload of money. I guess they also woo'd her with promises of what this would do for her career, since she's at best a B-lister. But I guess now Marisol is so annoyed at all of the press Tom and Katie's relationship is getting, she's threatening to go public, spill the beans, and file for divorce.
Sure, why not.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I need some help people....

Hey there readers... It seems this blog is getting a lot of Hits and my aim of looking into a different person being gay every day-- a gay a day... is proving very difficult. So I could do with some help... any rumours out there? Any one hot you've noticed and have a gaydar twinge...send me a meessage HERE. The front end of this blog.. is here but I generally can't be bother updating.
If you want to know more about me check out my 360 page here.

Hope to hear from you ppls.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Official government report: Kevin Spacey is gay

HOLLYWOOD star Kevin Spacey has been "outed" by a government-backed group teaching gay history in Britain's schools.
The American Beauty Oscar winner was until yesterday on a Famous Gays and Lesbians list in a lesson plan by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group.
Its History Month for February is available on LGBT's website. The Department of Education is believed to be contributing £20,000 to the project.
Organiser Paul Patrick last night said he was "saddened and angry" at the "mistake".
But Spacey was included on the list ??" alongside figures like Dale Winton, Graham Norton and Oscar Wilde - from a school presentation a year ago.
Mr Patrick said: "We double check our material carefully but Mr Spacey's name got through. I don't know how. It will be withdrawn.
"It should not have happened and we apologise."
Spacey, 46, artistic director of the Old Vic in London, has never answered questions on his sexuality since an Esquire magazine article in 1997 implied he was gay but later appeared to backtrack.
Rumours were fuelled in 2004 when he refused to report he had been mugged at 4.30am in a London park.
He claimed he had tripped over his Jack Russell chasing a man who had conned him out of his mobile phone.
I heard about the park incident... where he was caught was a famous london cottaging park (for picking up guys.) how he got conned out of his phone.... its to only guess why.-- CJ

Monday, May 14, 2007

Michael Stipe confirms hes gay

Like the Go-Gos, R.E.M. have a new album to promote, called ''Reveal,'' and this week, frontman Michael Stipe revealed to Time magazine that he is gay and has a longtime boyfriend who is not famous. Though he has previously acknowledged having relationships with both men and women, the 41-year-old singer says he waited until now to confirm that he's a ''queer artist'' because he finally felt comfortable doing so. Expect future announcements that he's also bald, rich, and Georgia born.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Brad Renfro gone for a long time.

Brad Renfro who played a gay Character in the movie Tart and a some what gay character in the movie the bully…. Well has gone… he is in Jail for 10 years, he was on Probation for possession of Heroin, and then was caught for drink driving. Oh well. CJ

Actor Renfro Pleads Guilty to Heroin Charge

Thursday Feb 23, 2006 3:10pm EST

Brad Renfro pleaded guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday to one felony count of attempted possession of heroin and will enter a drug program.

Wearing tennis shoes and a suit, Renfro, 23, was sentenced to three years' probation and told to return to court on March 6 to begin his treatment through California's Proposition 36 program, a 2000 voter initiative that permits those convicted of first- and second-time non-violent drug possession to receive treatment in lieu of incarceration.

Should Renfro violate the terms of his probation, he could face 18 years in prison, L.A.'s City News Service reports.

Renfro remains free on $10,000 bail, and his attorney told reporters outside the courtroom that the actor looks forward to putting this ordeal behind him.

"It's his first step in getting back to work and putting this all behind him," attorney Richard Kaplan said, according to KNBC-TV.

Renfro was one of 14 people arrested for allegedly attempting to purchase heroin in L.A.'s skid row section during a Dec. 22, 2005, police sting. Following his arrest, he voluntarily entered a live-in drug rehabilitation, which he has since left.

Film director Joel Schumacher discovered Renfro at age 12 and cast him in the 1994 John Grisham movie The Client (which also starred Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones). The following year, PEOPLE named the young screen hopeful one of its "Top 30 Under 30."

In 1998, Renfro was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana, but avoided jail time thanks to a plea deal. Three years later, he was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale and sentenced to two years' probation for allegedly trying to steal a 45-ft. yacht with a friend.

In May 2001 he was arrested again on a charge of underage drinking. The next year he was charged with driving without license and public intoxication. Because the later charges violated the terms of his probation, Renfro was ordered into an alcohol rehab center.


Brad Renfro isn't such an "Apt Pupil" after all.

The 23-year-old actor was sentenced to 10 days in jail on Wednesday, March 8 when he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, and thus violating his probation. He was immediately taken into custody and sent to prison.

Renfro already has two prior DUIs. For the plea agreement for this current one, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Court judge ordered the 10-day jail sentence, that the actor attend an alcohol program as well as a "hospital and morgue" program, reports

The last can either serve as a condition of probation or as an alternative sentence. In the program, the offender observes an evening in the emergency room of a local trauma hospital and then visits the Department of Coroner to witness an autopsy procedure (usually a substance abuse-related traffic fatality).

In return for pleading guilty to DUI, other charges, including driving with a suspended license, were dismissed.

Just two days earlier, on Monday, March 6, Renfro was in court on separate heroin charges, in which he was ordered to attend a rehab program. The sentence stems from a December arrest in which he admits to trying to buy heroin in a drug sting in downtown LA from undercover cops.

He has a history of run-ins with the law including: a 1998 arrest on cocaine and marijuana charges for which he struck a plea bargain, probation for attempted theft of a yacht in 2000, an arrest for underage drinking a year later and a 2002 bust for public intoxication and driving without a license.

Renfro first broke out in 1994's "The Client" and went on to lead roles in "Apt Pupil," "Bully" and "Telling Lies in America." He was most recently seen in a supporting part in "The Jacket."


Friday, May 11, 2007

Justincase: Justin Tosco... where is he?

I was poking around the net trying to find someone famous who might be gay and came across Justin Tosco from the band Justincase... he is way cute... and then listened to their music and was well surprised... really good stuff. but they seemed to have disappeared around 2004... no additions to their web site and just some minor touring. So who cares if they are gay or not I wanna hear more of their music. His some pics of Justin... just because.-- CJ

Web site

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Republican hero, but was Abe Lincoln gay?

The Observer

It is news guaranteed to make many Republicans squirm. Was Abraham Lincoln, founder of the party now seeking a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in America, actually gay himself?
A new book, published next month, certainly thinks so. The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln by C.A. Tripp produces evidence that one of America's greatest Presidents had a long-term relationship with a youthful friend, Joshua Speed, and shared his bed with David Derickson, captain of his bodyguards.
Tripp, a former researcher for sex scientist Alfred Kinsey and an influential gay writer, includes asides by many of Lincoln's close friends. 'He was not very fond of girls, as he seemed to me,' his stepmother, Sarah Bush Lincoln, once told a friend.
It also includes a diary excerpt by one upper-class Washington woman who wrote of Derickson: 'There is a Bucktail soldier here devoted to the President, drives with him, and when Mrs L is not home, sleeps with him. What stuff!'
Scholars have long debated Lincoln's sexuality, and as early as the 1920s were making veiled references to his relationship with Speed. However, critics say that in the pioneer days men sleeping together in rough circumstances was not uncommon.
Now Tripp has discovered letters between Lincoln and Speed which supposedly betray a deep intimacy.
But Tripp's book really breaks new ground in its exhaustive portrayal of many of Lincoln's possible gay lovers, including one man who said Lincoln's thighs 'were as perfect as a human being could be'.
'Make no mistake - Abe Lincoln was gay,' said Professor Scott Thompson, from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Johnny Depp goes gay.

Hollywood heart-throb JOHNNY DEPP reportedly enjoys a gay kiss with a male co-star in his new movie THE LIBERTINE.
The American actor recently finished shooting the period epic - about 17th Century poet JOHN WILMOT who was also known as the EARL OF ROCHESTER - in Britain.
Details of the film are being kept secret, but Wilmot was believed to be bisexual - meaning 41-year-old Depp may have been called upon to perform a same sex smooch onscreen.
A source tells THE SCOOP about Depp's onscreen lover, "His name is RUPERT FRIEND and he's a fairly unknown actor, but very handsome. The lucky guy."

Johnny Depp could be the latest to join a string of straight actors playing gay roles, according to US gossip.
And the heart throb actor, star of Edward Scissorhands and the Pirates of the Caribbean, is apparently gearing up for yet another man on man kiss in the film, provisionally titled The Libertine.
According to, the film follows the life of bisexual poet John Wilmot and will see Depp get to grips with an as yet unknown actor.
¡§His name is Rupert Friend and he¡¦s a fairly unknown actor, but very handsome," a source on the film told the website's gossip columnist Jeannette Walls, adding that he was a "lucky guy¡¨.
Although the story has yet to be confirmed, if true it will see Depp become the latest in a line of heartthrob actors becoming gay for the silver screen.
Despite traditionally steering clear of gay roles, a host of up and coming - as well as long established - actors are planning on coming out of the closet for Hollywood; even if only for their latest flick.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger have received the most hype for their tale of cowboy love in Brokeback Mountain, but Liam Neeson, Kevin Kline and UK actor Jimi Mistry are also due to be seen in gay roles.
But the rise of gay films has not changed attitudes in the film world completely.
Irish actor Colin Farrell admitted earlier this week that his agent "would kill me", if he took on another sexually ambiguous role after his turn in soon to be released films Home At The End Of The World and Alexander.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jesse Metcalfe is apparently gay too.

06-15-2005, 10:14 PM
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Who is gay in Hollywood... well a few but I also want to add Matthew McConighey,Ryan Seacrest,and Jesse Metcalfe.


It's actually Jesse Metcalfe. Apparently the Daily News doesn't have the fabulous copy editors that I have! The paper constantly misspells this kid's name. I don't know why it's so difficult.
Meanwhile, Jesse and another girl -- his girlfriend -- made their first public appearance at the Emmys tonight. (Clearly his lines work on some ladies.) We'll have more on Jesse -- and, of course, the Emmys -- later.
Update: Because I'm crazy like that, I emailed Gatecrasher's Ben to tell him about his mistake. Here's his reply:
Yes, Jesse looked like a deer in the headlights when he was asked about his "girlfriend"--oh, how convenient that he's dating a PR gal...hopefully one day soon these people can lose their beards and be honest about their sexuality..he looked just as comfortable talking about his girlfriend the way Michael Jackson looked kissing Lisa Marie Presely on National Television..
Posted by Mike on September 19 at 10:58am

jesse was in van all summer filming his flick, and i was one of many im sure who dated him throughout the summer. Honestly, he is one of the more arrogant men I have ever met. For a 27 yr old, he doesnt have a lot upstairs. He also has a massive cocaine addiction. Not my thing. Im so glad I didnt sleep with him.Posted by anoymous on September 30 at 08:23pm

man, i'm bummed after reading that. jesse metcalfe is just gorgeous to me and to hear that he acts like that is a little disappointing.
Posted by a red head - . on October 05 at 11:24pm

what does PR mean????? sumbody please help me! and all of that said is probly not true anyway.
Posted by Lor on October 06 at 03:13pm

PR means public relations. I have a very close friend (not a friend of a friend's cousin, etc) who works in LA for a Major TV network and is not the gossip type at all, actually laughs and totally dismisses all these gay rumors. I saw him this weekend and asked him about Jesse and if he heard the gay rumor and said that he's very "out" in the community and it's very well known that he is..where there's smoke there's fire..we are not hearing rumors that Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage etc are gay because they are's the celebs that are, that we read about..yes, they are out there and just because they don't fit all the perpetuated stereotypes of a flamboyant gay man, doesn't mean they are not gay. Some guys actually speak without a string of pearls falling out of their mouths..they have to blend and their paychecks depend on their appearance as a hetero...if they weren't "actors" then probably they would be out.
Posted by Mike on October 10 at 09:20am

god i hope jesse is gay!he looks really gay,he takes care of his eyebrows etc..actually i ve heard about his homosexuality many times!
Posted by justin from myc on December 31 at 08:39pm

yes, he is definitely in the closet. it's amazing how his ears perk up (in mixed company) at the mention of a gay night at a club. he is never seen snuggling with females in LA, hangs with nightclub promoters and fellow actors, but is always nice, reserved, and holding something back - the urge to kiss that hot guy at the bar, i'm sure! ;) he is a very nice guy, respectful, a bit shy, and obviously scared to let the public know he is gay because it will obviously minimize the fan base. such a hottie, though - my gf's and i only wish he liked women!!
Posted by LA on January 25 at 10:09pm

Monday, May 07, 2007

Garrett Hedlund from 4 brothers & Troy.

I saw this guy in the movie the four brothers and he was also in Troy... way hot... found out more about him being gay or not-- CJ

Ciana from london a directors daughter: 2006-04-14 // 04:58:42
I´ve heard all across the internet and so many times that garrett hedlund is gay. Is it true? He´s one super hotty!!

Garrett Hedlund The Fourth and Gay Brother
New York City – Garrett Hedlund has only three movies under his belt. And one of them hasn’t even opened in theaters yet. But at twenty years old, and six feet, three inches on either side of that belt, Hedlund’s blonde hair and blue-eyed charm is enough to make a name for this young, budding actor.
He played Patroclus, in his first film, “Troy”, cousin to Brad Pitt’s Achilles character. There, he opened at number one in its first week of release. His second film, “Friday Night Lights,” also opened at number one. However, have you even heard of the man?
“Four Brothers’” producer Lorezno di Boneventura is confident that the third time will be the charm. I spoke with both di Boneventura (who has a remarkable record – having produced among many films, “Constantine,” the first “Matrix” and the upcoming “Doom”) and Hedlund, separately, during a recent weekend in the Big Apple, after coming across his path both formally in a studio scheduled interview, and informally- as he walked un-noticed in the Essex House, where a weekend of the movie’s stars floating through the lobbies should have made him more noticeable as the star he just may become. Yet, he floated through - handsome, and at least twice on the big screen as a person to be remembered, and now it seems he’ll leave his mark. garrett
“Just look at him,” di Boneventura says, rhetorically, yet in awe, about the genetically gifted Hedlund. “He is beautiful. When you see him on screen, you can’t help but stare at him. And, he can act.”
While the name Garrett Hedlund is not yet a household name, or rolling off the tongues of most straight teen age girls and gay boys and men – people whom will ultimately make a star of Hedlund, if he is to become one – after starring alongside three of Hollywood and music’s most recognizable names, things will undoubtedly change.
I asked Hedlund if he though being teased was meant to insult him or if it was done all in jest.
“I might have been teased about being gay,” says Hedlund, he doesn’t have a boyfriend, nor a girlfriend, and talks about neither sex. He is more of a loner, happy to be with his guitar, alone in his room. He might be teased a lot but he gets the job done, whatever the job may be.”
Hedlund, who grew up in Minnesota and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona while in high school, resides in Los Angeles, now, and is as busy as any aspiring twenty year old movie star could be.