Monday, January 21, 2008

McFly: Are they Gay...Or Just Experimenting?

Summary: It would seem two members of McFly are rumoured to be gay... but which two? It seems like Tom may not be, the blonde one with the square jaw. Dougie says Danny is gay and admits he likes to snog guys, and Danny says he would go to gay clubs all the time if wasn't for the press hassling him. Harry does not seem to like the male attention so that means. So it seems it might be Danny and Dougie maybe, Dougie says he has a very small penis so thats disapponting or maybe he is avoiding attention?- CJ

Speculation on from Popbitch
Which boyband member is hoping the secrets of his love life don't come out. He pretends to be straight so as to not alienate his fans. So why is he so embarrassed about dating a former Mr Gay UK contestant? Maybe its because he is barely over the legal age?
Two members of McFly are gay so it might be one of them.

Tom from McFlys revolving closet door.
'Ello, mates. Tom Fletcher at your service. Okay I sound like a butler guy or whatever. How nice. Anyways, name's Tom Fletcher and I'm 19, soon to be 20 on July 17. I play guitar in the British band McFly. McFly consists of myself, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, and Danny Jones. And yes, the rumors are true. We are gay.. okay so maybe not. I'm straight all the way. The other guys, I'm not so sure about.

Danny's gay, says Dougie July 12th
Maybe we're barking up the wrong tree, and should be making a Danny website instead. According to Dougie, in his song on stage at Liverpool Summer Pops, saturday, Danny is indeed a homosexual.

Dougie from McFly- "i wanna be in a porno movie" & "i snog guys"

Interviewer- "The Careful One Danny says hes never had gay attention."
Dougie- "He said what? Thats not true at all. He gets loads of gay attention. We did a gay festival and there were lots of guys coming up to him, wolf whistling. He loves it. He loves the attention"
Interviewer- "It must be pretty satisfying to know that posters of you are plastered over bedrooms?"
Dougie- "Its an ego boost alright. But we all have massive egos anyway."
Interviewer- "Danny The Mouthy OneDo you gay club it a lot?"
Danny- "You know, Ive never been to a gay club but I love Canal Street in Manchester. Theyre great people to go out with. Its got a great atmosphere. If I didnt get Danny was in a gay club headline in the papers Id go to gay clubs all the time.
Interviewer- " Have you ever been hit on?"
Danny- "Its never happened to me. I dont know why."
Interviewer- "Dougie The Cute Cheeky One If there was a kiss and tell about you, what would it say?"
Dougie- "That Im lame in bed and that I have an incredibly small penis"
Interviewer- "Are you just being modest?"
Dougie- "Im actually bragging."
Interviewer- "Harry The Playboy one What is your funniest fan moment?"
Harry- "This guy approached us and hugged Danny and then kissed him on the cheek. We were like Oh hello, and then he did it to Tom and Dougie. He came for me so I ran off because he was a bit, you know, funny. He finally caught me and gave me a hug and a kiss. Afterwards, we got on the bus and there he was waving with a stonker of an erection. Sticking right out of his tracksuit bottoms. He had a big smile on his face."
Interviewer- "So you even have a bit of a magic touch for the guys?"
Harry- "That was more of a band thing. I wouldnt like to take all the credit. I think he had a little wank after that."