Friday, April 27, 2007

Brandon Routh to come out as gay.

Superman Returns is out this summer. Rumours
are circulating that star Brandon Routh will
come out as gay, as part of the film's promotion.
Source: Popbitch

Super Boys' Club Comic Book Resource features its share of explosive comic book rumor-mongering (Magneto fears for the life of Scarlet Witch?!), but nothing can quite compare to the journalistic dynamite contained in Rich Johnston's most recent column. Specifically, But then there was the Superman movie rumour. Still not totally resolved, still looking more likely by the minute, with massive impications all over the place, it had to be Rumour Of The Year. That Bryan Singer wanted to cast an actor who was in the closet, and who would declare themselves to be gay in the lead up to, or during the release of the film. So that it would have a meta-textual element, over secret identities, and also give young gay individuals a positive role model in their lives. And presumably, not make stereotypical remarks about men dressed in tight colourful leotards. On, and then, Brandon Routh being cast in the lead. As the evangelical churches of the USA hold their breath, ready to start an onslaught of whipped up mob-hatred, Dan DiDio gingerly accepted the award on behalf of DC. "You know, we're appointing a Senior Vice President of Marketing? Something tells me I think we're going to need him..."Let's take a look at some of the evidence available for speculating on Brandon Routh's sexuality, and see if we can't clear things up. -According to his imdb entry, Brandon is sometimes credited as "B. J. Routh". B.J. is homosexual slang for a hummer.-Among B.J.'s television appearances? An episode of Will and Grace, a homosexual sitcom, titled "A Gay/December Romance."-B.J.'s official site is In homosexual patois, TV stands for transexual. -According to some, largely unsubstantiated reports, director Bryan Singer is gay. The verdict? Get ready to start your righteous indignation...


The new Superman Brandon Routh has the unfortunate/telling nickname, "BJ". It's unfortunate because the rumors of his skill in this area having landed him a part are all hot on newsstands. Sorry, BJ. Here's the backstory:First, Gawker reported a Singer-and-Routh-together-at-crazy-gay-coke-party sighting. There have been rumors since Routh was chosen as Superman, actually. Radar magazine is just the most recent (and most explicit) to surmise that Brandon Routh may have gotten his role in openly-gay director Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" thanks to his Gay Mafia connections. SHOCKER!Does it sometimes seem like every entertainment journalist in the country is unaware of IMDB? Because sometimes it sure does. Look, if you wanted to offer some support to the "Routh-Gets-Jobs-Thanks-to-The-Gay-Mafia" theory, check out the kid's resume. Also, Radar, while we're on the subject, I thought that caption under Routh's picture ("Thuperman?") was pretty bigoted.Now, Routh's IMDB page is right here.His publicist, naturally, has issued a denial on the gay issue, going so far as to mention a girlfriend to whom Routh is supposedly happily committed. No word on whether she lives in Canada. So let's go to those credits on IMDB now for some truth. Most of Routh's work is TV, which is fine. People can become famous thanks to TV. Just look at Mischa Barton. But that's not the question, is it? The question is if he's deeply entwined by nostril and nipplering to the Gay Mafia. Mr. Routh, I apologize for the serious invasion into your personal life. Quite frankly, if Superman fails because you are gay (not that I know you are), then that is a barbaric tragedy. But Brandon, your resume is so gay, Wentworth Miller looks straighter on paper.


Anonymous said...

"TV" stands for TransVestite, you complete cretin! Stop dreaming & get a life.

Anonymous said...

Another fail from this so-called "gay information source"... gay WISH source more like. Just because you fancy him doesn't mean he's gay. Get that into your thick, queenie, CLICHED skull!