Saturday, April 14, 2007

Clay Aiken on looking for love and in hotels.

Aiken for online love?

More gay men may be making claims about Clay Aiken, according to the "American Idol" star's reputed sex partner John Paulus. The strapping ex-Marine tells us that, "two and half hours" after their alleged Jan. 2 Quality Inn tryst, Aiken was back online "cruising" on and Paulus says that Aiken would actually admit to Web buddies who he was, then prove it by inviting them to "'View my video cam.' On it, you can see his face." (Aiken's reps didn't return our calls.)


January 18, 2006

Clay Aiken's cumrag preserved by gay opportunist? It sounds rather insane, but one of gossip hound Billy Masters sources at the tabloids squealed that a man named John from North Carolina sold the paper a story about his steamy encounter with Clay Aiken. The story is apparently with the papers lawyers and is ready to go now that John's evidence has been tested and he passed a lie detector test. John and Aiken swapped photos, chatted online, and spoke on the phone - all of which John says he can be proven with supporting documentation - prior to them getting together at Aiken's hotel two weeks later where they supposedly had ninety minutes of unsafe sex in a variety of positions and some post-coital conversation. And yes, that's when the sleazebag opportunist saw fit to snag the washcloth Aiken used to clean up with and John kept it fresh in a zip-lock bag for DNA testing.

Source: Queerday

Clay Aiken in trouble

Clay Aiken's second album may be in trouble, with RCA putting it "on hold" until the sex allegations of former Green Beret John Paulus blow over. And there are rumors that Aiken's rabid fans could file a class-action lawsuit against the singer. "He represented himself as a heterosexual choirboy," a source said. "They might want their money back." A rep for Aiken said, "The album will come out some time in May." RCA can wait as long as they want, allegations about Clay Aiken aren't going away any time soon. The only way he could make it any clearer is if he called his new album Homo Ballads and the album cover showed him playing a xylophone made entirely of penises.


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