Monday, May 11, 2009

Who cares if ***** is gay?

That’s a response I see everywhere on the internet to the suggestion that someone is gay. So let’s think about this for a bit... who does care?

-          Well religious bigots do. They do not want to be a part of something that doesn’t fit into their small box of a life. They have a church leader that tells them what to do, so thinking about anything is bad in their gods eyes, because if they think they will realise that they donate money and pray to some of the richest organisations in the world and poverty is still rampant. But the wack-jobs aside...

-          There is the gay kid growing up thinking they alone in the world.

-          There is parents of gay children who think only freak gay people like the Queer Eye for a Straight Guy people are the only ones who are gay. Not say someone who they can relate to.

-          There are the children in the playground who tease effeminate boys, because all the adults they look up to are tough and straight!

-          There are most people who use the word “gay” as to mean something bad, not to mean someone/thing cool like say Vin Diesel.

The question has to be asked, why do people sue other people because when they say that they are gay? Why is it that people deny being gay, if it doesn’t matter then why deny it?

If stars want people to respect their privacy then why not simply ignore talk of them being gay, like they would if it’s said they are heterosexual. Why do famous people tell the press they are heterosexual? If they don’t want talk of their sex life then why tell everyone of the type of person you want to have sex with. Isn’t that very personal? Why do you want to tell everyone something so personal if your private life is so valuably private?


So famous people are very concerned about sexuality, they want people to think they are heterosexual because they are worried how it will affect their career. I liken this to people who would not release their slaves because then slaves of other owners would want to be free too. Or the Nazi he goes along with orders to murder because everyone else is.


I think time, the future, will judge these people in a similar way for the repression of homosexuals.




Marco said...

I would never have a gay experience but that's just because I'm 100% hetero but i don't have anykind of problems with someone being gay.
I just found you're webpage because I was doing some research about an actor and when I found this I was like 'WTF!?' I mean, no one gives a shit about that, at least no one from this century! So why don't you do something more useful with you're time and leave famous gay people alone? Wanna gossip? Gossip about something else! Really man, you need to think about you're acceptance of other people

Lankin said...

"There is the gay kid growing up thinking they alone in the world."
I totally agree with that. I hate people dividing the world into "us" and "them".

Anonymous said...

"Who cares?" is not meant literally, it means "It should not matter to anyone if *** is gay or not, because we all are humans" People using this phrase from time to time do realize there are people out there who care a awful lot. But they shouldn't have to.