Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Its been a year and half since I gave up on this blog.

All the comments and threats, all the ‘shock’ and ’Yes I knew its’ I have just taken on the chin and put up the comments with no ‘reply. But even though it has been so long the replies roll in day after day after day. (A fair few I cannot publish.)

So a little condescending education for you people.

If I said that person X was straight, would you be shocked, would you care? No you wouldn’t, that’s because YOU assume everyone is heterosexual unless there is explicit PROOF that they are not.

This is called decompartmentalisation. To decompartmentalise things is to put them into a box separate from other things and to never cross compare or analyse it like you would for things that are in your box.. Here is an example-

Mexicans come over the border, take our jobs and live off our welfare.” You see the problem here if they are taking all our jobs then they are not on welfare. You see how its irrational. Here is another-

“I am scared that black people might mug me so I am extra careful where walking near one at night.” So you are a 16 year old black kid walking down the street, just finished work at garage and this white women (or man) walks down the street sees you and gets frightened. How does that make you feel? Would you spit on the racist bitches face? Maybe? Most likely not.

You see how when you look at things from another person’s perspective it helps in breaking down racism. This breaking down the compartments in your mind where there are rules for some people (black people mug at night) and rules for others (do you spit on racist bitches?) and from this you realise that we are all the same. *sniff*

So what’s up with gay people?

Gays should not get married” Now just put yourself into that position that this white Idaho guy pours his money into a church to fund stopping other people from having a rights he has. Do you feel sorry for him... I do. Does he care about a gay persons right to have what he has? Nope. Because he has rights that other people should not have because he is in his own compartment. (*Did you know Barack Obama’s parents where a mixed race couple and it was illegal in some states for them to marry.*)

Now here is the main example for this blog-

“You are a gay 14 year old boy living with evil religious parents that would disown you rather than except you for who you are. You are isolated from the reality of the world, only getting you information from idiot friends, through the TV, movies and a parental locked internet. So all you know about gays comes from the media which depicts them as drag queens, maybe campy girly guys like in ‘Queer eye for a straight guy’ or that guy from Wil and Grace you want to shoot. But no one who is like you!”

So this blog is to make people think, maybe this person is gay, it actually doesn’t matter to them what you think or to anyone else but maybe to the 14 year old kid who is isolated... it means you are not alone. Maybe you need not hate yourself, maybe there is no need to attempt suicide.

So... join me here at looking at sexuality from the heterosexual side and assume people are all gay... and point flimsy reasons why unless I get undeniable PROOF they are not.

Want to know more on decompartmentalisation?

Well actually if you take the maturity of the teenage brain and it stops from developing into adult hood that you get a decompartmentalised brain. The person is often, homophobic, racist and religious. To understand this think of them as a teenager who thinks their friends are everything and they hate other people not in their group. It’s the same as that but some people never grow out of it. Its often made worse by having very strict parents because they end up growing up thinking that authority is a given right and we should not question it. (think that’s not so bad?... think Nazis!)

See Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians. here for more information.


Anonymous said...

There are so many things that are simply WRONG with your logic, I'm not going to even address them.

I just want to point out that, however noble your intentions were in creating a site for gays to feel like they're not alone, you also implicate a lot of people as bigoted morons, which is not necessarily true. [I could be much harsher, but I want to get my point across without being unnecessarily brutal]

And the last part, about how censorship and authority equals Nazism, is just plain fucking ignorant. I don't like certain things about censorship, but I think it absolutely needs to exist.

Like, say, locking the Internet so a twelve-year-old searching for something innocuous won't accidentally be exposed to pornography or something violent.

Karl André said...

A lot of people are bigoted morons, that some people isn't doesn't mean a lot of people aren't, and yes CJ thank you for having this blog, as a matter in fact I'll check it whenever I can, most people want to invisibilize us and yes they don't get the point cause they aren't living it, people like to say I'm not gay and I don't like neither I accept "that choosen lifestyle" (yes they say that crap) but I don't have a problem with gay people cause I respect them. WTF?

You have a cool blog, keep it up!

PD. I don't want to kill Jack in Will and Grace, after all there are campy straight mens too (Russell Brand for example).

Anonymous said...

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