Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ian McKellen is gay too


Born 25 May 1939
A treasure not only of the gay community, but Britain itself, Sir Ian McKellen is undoubtedly one of the finest actors and finest gentlemen of the moder world. On the thespianic side of things, he is a classically trained Shakespearian actor on a par with Patrick Stewart, and like Stewart balances his time between the legitimate theatre and those Hollywood projects that catch his eye, such as the eternal Lord of the Rings. As a gay man, McKellen was out to his colleagues from day 1 of his career, and to the general public since the late eighties. He founded the gay rights campaign juggernaught Stonewall, and campaigned strongly for such issues as Section 28 - including once writing on an autograph for the Tory politican Michael Howard's children, "Fuck off, I'm gay." He continues to champion for gay rights and visibility today, launching the 2007 Gay History Month for personal friend and organiser Sue Sanders.

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