Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Christian Chavez is out.

Mexican pop star and actor, Christian Chavez (born as José Christian Chávez Garza on August 7, 1983 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico) rose to fame playing the character of Giovanni in TV soap Rebelde (or Rebel in English). Chavez is a member of RBD, a band birthed from the soap.
Chevez Comes Out: Christian Chavez came out in March 2007 after a web site posted pictures of the star kissing another man at a 2005 Canadian civil ceremony. The singer, known for his constantly-changing hair color, told BBC News that he did not "want to keep on lying." Chavez also addressed his fans, "I ask them from the bottom of my heart, not to judge me for being honest and to feel proud of who they are."
Famous Gays in Mexico: Chavez's public announcement is seen as an act of bravery to many in Mexico. Homosexuality is still considered taboo in the Latin American country, where few famous people come out. Activists and Chavez supporters hope his announcement will help create a more inclusive Mexico. Mexican gay rights activist Sergio Villarreal said, "Christian Chavez's decision symbolizes this new way of seeing life, and raises hope of a more inclusive future with more respect for differences."

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