Monday, May 11, 2009

John Travolta Spotted in gay Steam baths

I think I see some tongue in there See? I told you pictures don't lie. Long before he tried to wrest Spartacus into submission with his broad, swarthy tongue (gag) Travolta's sexuality has been questioned. And like a good little Scientologist, John found a good and sturdy beard to mask his self-perceived transgressions. Hey, John, guess what? We don't care who you're poking. Really.

LA Rag Mag exclusively claims to have witnessed Travolta in a Koreatown spa called Century Spa, a place not known for its five-star amenities or stunning decor. No, Century is a place widely known as the place to score ... man-on-man love, that is. And according to the hired help there, it's not his first visit.

There has been no comment whatsoever from Camp Travolta, and I really don't expect there to be. For your speculative enjoyment, I've posted the Enquirer's cover of John kissing a friend last year. It's a pattern, see? Ever notice there are more pictures of him kissing other men than his own wife? That's no coincidence


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