Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simon Amstell is gay

English Comedian

Born 29 November 1979
Beginning as a children's TV presenter for Nikolodeon UK, Amstell was fired because his sarcasm upset the wee kids. It was embraced, however, by the viewers of his next programmes, Popworld the amazingly popular Sunday mornings TV spot that took an irreverant look at the world of popular music, which he left last year to replace Mark Lamaar as the presenter of the late night musical comedy panel game show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. In both these shows he's been entirely open about his sexuality, using it as a very successful and oft-talked-about comedy point when playing off against the homophobia of artists such as Beenie Man. His irreverance for his celebrity guests has also led to making Britney Spears cry on Popworld, and having Preston walk off of a Buzzcocks set when Amstell hit a nerve about the intellect of his wife Chantelle.

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