Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Zac Edron Gay?

And we thought the Vanessa Hudgens nude picture scandal was controversial!

Turns out her boyfriend, High School Musical hunk Zac Efron, may be in a bit of photographic hot water, as well.

Check out the following image of him this young actor:

Boy-on-Boy Action

That's definitely is Zac Efron on the right. Topless. Kissing another guy. We're not judging, but it's our job as a celebrity gossip outlet to ask: Is Zac Efron gay?


[quote] Zac Efron - BUSTED !!!

High School heart throb Zac Efron is getting into the high school spirit.
Seen here: It appears Efron may be gay? From what appears to be a gay kissing scandal on his hand, no word from his camp. The photo has not been confirmed. Just recently it was brought to light and found on the internet.


Wow! This is probably the worst cell phone pic in the history of cell phone pics, BUT STILL.

We don't know how this was all arranged (apparently the romantic outing was sometime last month), but when you're Zac Efron, you get whatever you want, and clearly he wanted Adam Lambert to dine with him. We have so many questions! (e.g., Who paid? Did they bump feet under the table? Did they eat, or were they both too nervous?)


Vanessa Hudgens Suspects Gay Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens is beginning to have doubts about BF Zac Efron's heterosexuality. (Shocker!) Vanessa is becoming unattracted to Zac's compulsive makeup wearing and obsessive meltdowns over his weight and complexion.

A source tells Star Magazine:

"She wants to date a man, not a little girl." "Zac can be incredibly vain, obsessing about his weight."

Baby V was left particularly red-faced just before the 12th birthday party for her kid sister, Stella, on November 13th. Zac had a meltdown and refused to attend the affair after noticing a pimple on the side of his face.

"He just flipped out. He knew there were a bunch of girls at the party who worship him-and he didn't want them all staring at his pimple."

Vanessa was only able to calm Zac down after she gave him her concealer to cover up the blemish.

"Vanessa told him to stop being a sissy and freaking out when he gets blemishes. Sometimes, when he goes out, Zac even wears makeup to cover up his imperfections."

"Vanessa doesn't want to share makeup with her boyfriend. It makes her feel weird."


You know Zac Efron, the heartthrob from High School Musical. You young adolescent girls have been pissed at Vanessa Hudgens for taking him from you, when you obviously had a chance with him, despite your lack of fame, money and status *snicker*. Well now he may even be further out of your reach, as he may now be into in dudes.

Someone looking a lot like Zac has been seen in a photo kissing a guy. Doesn't seem too intimate, but it may have been a precursor to something more. How will Vanessa feel? But we really don't even know if they're a couple. You know how celebs love to couple up to create a buzz around them.

Then again are we really that surprised? The man's claim to fame was a friggin' musical! I wonder if this was a setup though? I wonder if Zac was jealous of the popularity Vanessa gained from her little nude photo scandal and decided to whip up his own scandal. And let's face it, the only thing that beats nudity is gheyness. Again, it's not certain. But you know what, make up your own mind.


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