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Trailer Trash Legend Lindsay Lohan lookin' To Lip-lock Lachey

The hollywood town bike that guys just jump on for a ride, especially to hide they are gay. Is she the #1 beard in hollywood?- CJ
Reference see- Jesse Mccartney and Leonardo DiCaprio

According to Life & Style Weekly, Lohan is hoping to bed Lachey just to get back at Simpson...hold on didnt... Jessica just dump the guy?
A source told the mag that Lohan said to a friend: The next time I see Nick Lachey out, you better believe I'm going to be all over him. And he is such a dog, I bet he would go for it.
-- Compiled from wire reports

Trailer Trash Legend Lindsay Lohan lookin' To Lip-lock Lachey
by Tashi Singh
Apr 29, 2006
The trailer-trash legend of Lindsay Lohan's family continues to grow. Yesterday, according to a report in Page Six, her uncle - Paul Sullivan, 48 - pleaded guilty to ripping off a 9/11 victims' relief fund.
Sullivan is the brother of Lindsay's mom, Dina and admitted to stealing the $646,900 intended to help struggling downtown businesses by allegedly forging U.S. Treasury checks and cooking the books of his Ropa Group corporation.
Sullivan faces anywhere from 37-46 months in a Federal penitentiary. Lindsay's estranged father, Michael Lohan, is currently in the slammer on a drunk-driving conviction.
As far as Lindsay goes, The Ho-Han vs. Chest-Ica Simpson feud is reportedly forging ahead and the tactics are beginning to get a bit personal. Apparently Lindsay wants to 'hook up' with Simpson's estranged husband, Nick Lachey.
"The next time I see Nick Lachey out, you'd better believe I'm going to be all over him," Lohan reportedly said to a pal. "And he's such a dog, he'd go for it."
Damn, and she wonders where she gets her nickname.
The 13-year age difference is certainly nothing new nor a concern for Lohan who has been romantically linked to a plethora of older Hollywood movers and shakers including Jared Leto (34), Benicio Del Toro (39) and, most recently, Brett Ratner who's 37.
According to a source Lohan reportedly quipped, "It'll be nice for him to finally hook up with an A-lister."
-- Compiled from wire reports

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