Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Johnny Depp goes gay.

Hollywood heart-throb JOHNNY DEPP reportedly enjoys a gay kiss with a male co-star in his new movie THE LIBERTINE.
The American actor recently finished shooting the period epic - about 17th Century poet JOHN WILMOT who was also known as the EARL OF ROCHESTER - in Britain.
Details of the film are being kept secret, but Wilmot was believed to be bisexual - meaning 41-year-old Depp may have been called upon to perform a same sex smooch onscreen.
A source tells THE SCOOP about Depp's onscreen lover, "His name is RUPERT FRIEND and he's a fairly unknown actor, but very handsome. The lucky guy."

Johnny Depp could be the latest to join a string of straight actors playing gay roles, according to US gossip.
And the heart throb actor, star of Edward Scissorhands and the Pirates of the Caribbean, is apparently gearing up for yet another man on man kiss in the film, provisionally titled The Libertine.
According to, the film follows the life of bisexual poet John Wilmot and will see Depp get to grips with an as yet unknown actor.
¡§His name is Rupert Friend and he¡¦s a fairly unknown actor, but very handsome," a source on the film told the website's gossip columnist Jeannette Walls, adding that he was a "lucky guy¡¨.
Although the story has yet to be confirmed, if true it will see Depp become the latest in a line of heartthrob actors becoming gay for the silver screen.
Despite traditionally steering clear of gay roles, a host of up and coming - as well as long established - actors are planning on coming out of the closet for Hollywood; even if only for their latest flick.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger have received the most hype for their tale of cowboy love in Brokeback Mountain, but Liam Neeson, Kevin Kline and UK actor Jimi Mistry are also due to be seen in gay roles.
But the rise of gay films has not changed attitudes in the film world completely.
Irish actor Colin Farrell admitted earlier this week that his agent "would kill me", if he took on another sexually ambiguous role after his turn in soon to be released films Home At The End Of The World and Alexander.

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