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Garrett Hedlund from 4 brothers & Troy.

I saw this guy in the movie the four brothers and he was also in Troy... way hot... found out more about him being gay or not-- CJ

Ciana from london a directors daughter: 2006-04-14 // 04:58:42
I´ve heard all across the internet and so many times that garrett hedlund is gay. Is it true? He´s one super hotty!!

Garrett Hedlund The Fourth and Gay Brother
New York City – Garrett Hedlund has only three movies under his belt. And one of them hasn’t even opened in theaters yet. But at twenty years old, and six feet, three inches on either side of that belt, Hedlund’s blonde hair and blue-eyed charm is enough to make a name for this young, budding actor.
He played Patroclus, in his first film, “Troy”, cousin to Brad Pitt’s Achilles character. There, he opened at number one in its first week of release. His second film, “Friday Night Lights,” also opened at number one. However, have you even heard of the man?
“Four Brothers’” producer Lorezno di Boneventura is confident that the third time will be the charm. I spoke with both di Boneventura (who has a remarkable record – having produced among many films, “Constantine,” the first “Matrix” and the upcoming “Doom”) and Hedlund, separately, during a recent weekend in the Big Apple, after coming across his path both formally in a studio scheduled interview, and informally- as he walked un-noticed in the Essex House, where a weekend of the movie’s stars floating through the lobbies should have made him more noticeable as the star he just may become. Yet, he floated through - handsome, and at least twice on the big screen as a person to be remembered, and now it seems he’ll leave his mark. garrett
“Just look at him,” di Boneventura says, rhetorically, yet in awe, about the genetically gifted Hedlund. “He is beautiful. When you see him on screen, you can’t help but stare at him. And, he can act.”
While the name Garrett Hedlund is not yet a household name, or rolling off the tongues of most straight teen age girls and gay boys and men – people whom will ultimately make a star of Hedlund, if he is to become one – after starring alongside three of Hollywood and music’s most recognizable names, things will undoubtedly change.
I asked Hedlund if he though being teased was meant to insult him or if it was done all in jest.
“I might have been teased about being gay,” says Hedlund, he doesn’t have a boyfriend, nor a girlfriend, and talks about neither sex. He is more of a loner, happy to be with his guitar, alone in his room. He might be teased a lot but he gets the job done, whatever the job may be.”
Hedlund, who grew up in Minnesota and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona while in high school, resides in Los Angeles, now, and is as busy as any aspiring twenty year old movie star could be.


tini said...

garrett hedlund is not gay.

Anonymous said...

HOTTEST.ACTOR.EVER. He's my new celebrity crush. <3

Anonymous said...

Lets's hope he is gay! This shouldn't be wasted on the hetero's.

Anonymous said...

He is so gay unless that wasn't him who came home with my brother

Merci said...

Sure anonymous...sure