Monday, May 21, 2007

Is TransAmerica star Kevin Zegers gay?

Kevin Zegers, the hot supporting star from the move Transamerica, plays a male prostitute and apparently he threw himself into the role by doing some 'research' in Toronto. Kevin is also involved in a movie by Elton John's production company. Wonder how they connected up? Also rumours seem to be around that Kevin is quite 'Chummy' with Kelly Osbourne... but seriously is Kelly they typical Fag Hag or what? Like I mean look at her!
As for girls in his life... I cannot find any... and boys hmmm.. nothing on that either... or an official web site. He is either off the Hollywood Radar, or very good secretive PR company. I'll keep looking.-- CJ


Canadian actor KEVIN ZEGERS stalked the streets pretending to be a male prostitute while preparing for his role in new movie TRANSAMERICA. The 21-year-old star, who plays FELICITY HUFFMAN's gigolo son in the movie, solicited another man for sex and agreed a price, before making his escape through a back door. And Zegers insists he was relieved to become familiar with the "scary" aspect of his role prior to filming. He tells gay magazine Attitude, "I went to Toronto with my manager and he showed me the hustler neighbourhoods where kids sell themselves. "So I went in there and sold myself for $350 and proceeded to run off as fast as possible; I said I was going to the bathroom, exited out the back door and ran off." And the star haggled to ensure his customer valued his assets. He adds, "He started out with $200 and I said I would only do $500 because I don't do this very often. He said the most he had was $350. I said I'd take it. "It was a cool learning experience because it was much more civilised than I imagined. "I thought the whole film would be scary for me to do so getting that stuff out of the way before you start alleviates being uncomfortable when you're on set."

Up and comer Kevin Zeger cast in a Sir Elton flick
Elton's 'Boy Girl Thing'
No, Sir Elton's not back to identifying as bisexual again - he's just producing a movie along with his partner, David Furnish, one called "It's a Boy Girl Thing." Imagine "Freaky Friday," "All of Me" and "The War of the Roses" in a blender, and you'll be close to this story of a young man and woman - bitter enemies, but kinda sorta still hot for each other - who wind up switching bodies. Then they spend their time trying to ruin each other's lives. The film, currently shooting in Toronto and London, stars up-and-coming cute guy Kevin Zegers and "The O.C."'s Samaire Armstrong as the warring parties, who will no doubt be making out by the time the credits crawl. Added bonus: co-star Sharon Osbourne, a woman destined for bigger-than-life status on the multiplex screen, is finally going there.


Sources tells that Osbourne has gotten quite "close" lately with Canadian hottie and Transamerica star Kevin Zegers.
The two sure did look cozy as they spent this past weekend together at her family's Malibu house, a source tells us. The couple even got all domestic, hitting up the local Ralph's for some grocery shopping.


Anonymous said...

He's not gay. I met his gf.

Gerald Jenkins said...

Like him having a gf means he's not gay.

Anonymous said...

Gay o no gay, esta buenisimo

Anonymous said...

He isn't gay ;)