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Jesse Metcalfe is apparently gay too.

06-15-2005, 10:14 PM
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Who is gay in Hollywood... well a few but I also want to add Matthew McConighey,Ryan Seacrest,and Jesse Metcalfe.


It's actually Jesse Metcalfe. Apparently the Daily News doesn't have the fabulous copy editors that I have! The paper constantly misspells this kid's name. I don't know why it's so difficult.
Meanwhile, Jesse and another girl -- his girlfriend -- made their first public appearance at the Emmys tonight. (Clearly his lines work on some ladies.) We'll have more on Jesse -- and, of course, the Emmys -- later.
Update: Because I'm crazy like that, I emailed Gatecrasher's Ben to tell him about his mistake. Here's his reply:
Yes, Jesse looked like a deer in the headlights when he was asked about his "girlfriend"--oh, how convenient that he's dating a PR gal...hopefully one day soon these people can lose their beards and be honest about their sexuality..he looked just as comfortable talking about his girlfriend the way Michael Jackson looked kissing Lisa Marie Presely on National Television..
Posted by Mike on September 19 at 10:58am

jesse was in van all summer filming his flick, and i was one of many im sure who dated him throughout the summer. Honestly, he is one of the more arrogant men I have ever met. For a 27 yr old, he doesnt have a lot upstairs. He also has a massive cocaine addiction. Not my thing. Im so glad I didnt sleep with him.Posted by anoymous on September 30 at 08:23pm

man, i'm bummed after reading that. jesse metcalfe is just gorgeous to me and to hear that he acts like that is a little disappointing.
Posted by a red head - . on October 05 at 11:24pm

what does PR mean????? sumbody please help me! and all of that said is probly not true anyway.
Posted by Lor on October 06 at 03:13pm

PR means public relations. I have a very close friend (not a friend of a friend's cousin, etc) who works in LA for a Major TV network and is not the gossip type at all, actually laughs and totally dismisses all these gay rumors. I saw him this weekend and asked him about Jesse and if he heard the gay rumor and said that he's very "out" in the community and it's very well known that he is..where there's smoke there's fire..we are not hearing rumors that Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage etc are gay because they are not..it's the celebs that are, that we read about..yes, they are out there and just because they don't fit all the perpetuated stereotypes of a flamboyant gay man, doesn't mean they are not gay. Some guys actually speak without a string of pearls falling out of their mouths..they have to blend and their paychecks depend on their appearance as a hetero...if they weren't "actors" then probably they would be out.
Posted by Mike on October 10 at 09:20am

god i hope jesse is gay!he looks really gay,he takes care of his eyebrows etc..actually i ve heard about his homosexuality many times!
Posted by justin from myc on December 31 at 08:39pm

yes, he is definitely in the closet. it's amazing how his ears perk up (in mixed company) at the mention of a gay night at a club. he is never seen snuggling with females in LA, hangs with nightclub promoters and fellow actors, but is always nice, reserved, and holding something back - the urge to kiss that hot guy at the bar, i'm sure! ;) he is a very nice guy, respectful, a bit shy, and obviously scared to let the public know he is gay because it will obviously minimize the fan base. such a hottie, though - my gf's and i only wish he liked women!!
Posted by LA on January 25 at 10:09pm


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the question isn't whether he's gay or not... but whether he's a top or bottom.

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No dont think so.