Friday, May 04, 2007

Nick Lachey looking gay.

Nick Lachey Conned Into Seeming Really Gay On 'US Weekly' CoverPage Six
reports that Nick Lachey opened up to Rolling Stone about the sad
disintegration of his cherished reality show marriage because he was
promised the story would run on its cover. But wily RS publisher Jann
Wenner pulled a C-list bait-and-switch on Lachey, demoting him to the
cover of his other publication, glossy rag US Weekly. What's more, Nick
appeared on US shirtless and engaged in the classic gay personals photo
cheat stance: arms crossed and folded, thereby inflating manboobs to
maximum capacity.
"At the end of the day, Rolling Stone said he needed to dish more on
Jessica and Joe Simpson," our source said. "Nick said no . . . in the
dark of the night, Jann gave the photos and the interview to Us
A source added: "The Us Weekly issue [with an oiled-up, shirtless
Lachey on the cover] sold really well in Chelsea, but that's about it.
It was the gayest cover in years." Lachey's rep declined to comment;
Wenner's rep didn't return calls.
It's yet another tough lesson for Lachey, who keeps finding himself in
the unenviable position of being reminded of his second-tier celebrity
status. But we can't help but feel the biggest loser in this PR slight
is the public. Sure, the Us cover served up some tasty inked beefcake,
but the real money shot was on the Rolling Stone cover that never went
to press, featuring the titillating image of the "Ex-Househusband of the
Year" pushing a Swiffer Wet Jet in nothing but a wife beater, white
panties and a pair of hot pink pumps.