Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is Chris O'Donnell Gay?

Once had sex with Chris O'Donell at a gay club in London, so it is probable Tom Cruise, who is much more closeted acting, is gay as well.

BELIEVE IT!!! hahahahhhaha

Posted by: lalala Jun 8, 2005 7:36:31 AM

Probably not gay, he is married and has 4 children.-CJ

Chris O'Donnell and wife have fourth child

LOS ANGELES, March 25 (UPI) -- And baby makes six for actor Chris O'Donnell and his wife, Caroline Fentress, who have given birth in Los Angeles to their fourth child.

The new arrival, a boy, was born Thursday, People magazine reported. His name was not immediately released.

"Everybody is happy and healthy," O'Donnell's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, told the magazine.

The little brother joins Lily, 6, Chip, 5, and Charlie, 2.

O'Donnell and Fentress married in 1997.


Writers on the storm said...

He is Bi-sexual. I say that with confidence. It's not unheard of....there is a spectrum of behavior within that lifestyle. A bi-sexual man, when single, can seek out those experiences. Then when they are married they stop that behavior. I wish people could understand this and not be judgmental. So what, he had sex with men before he was married and now he is a commited husband and devoted father. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

I have seen him at a gay bar in Chicago about 10 years ago...but he was with a girl.

Sandie Crisp said...

If it was up to the gay cumunity everyone in la is gay they need to stop

Anonymous said...

American are obsessed with labeling people especially actors gay or straight. Those of us in the know (living it) sexuality is a wide road with straight on one side and way over to the other side of the road is gay. Real people usually move along the line side to side, then settle down into between the two side. So the real question should be: Has a certain person move side to side and where are they today. If I behave gay tonight then I am gay tomorrow and from then on. No, the same acting straight. The label (gay or straight or bisexual) only applies to the moment. So I believe in this (Chris O'Donnell) he has play the field from gay side to straight side, and settled where he is today (Married with 5 children). So he is living a straight lifestyle, provided his is not playing on the side (No reason to believe he is). So we should stop asking stupid question unless we have evidence to the contra.