Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Is Hayden Christensen gay?

The Rumor is that yes he is.

It is now well-known and well-proven that Hayden Christensen's longtime companion is Trevor Blumas. In an interview in the gay magazine "The Advocate" in 2001, Hayden Christensen all but claimed that he was gay. In his last role performance for almost two years, "Guilt by association" Trevor Blumas wore jewelry in the absolute exact and precise pattern of current gay/bisexual jewelry codes (information obtained from webmasters at several gay web sites). In early 2003, a photograph was published in a gay-oriented magazine entitled "StarCeleb" which showed Hayden Christensen and a young man who was described as the new man in Hayden's life: this young man turned out to be Trevor Blumas. In September 2003, a story was planted that claimed that Hayden Christensen was not paying his rent and would be evicted from his home in Hollywood Hills, and then Hayden moved back to his home in Toronto at the end of the month. In early October of 2003, after having lived in California with Hayden in his Hollywood Hills home and having attended Santa Monica College for a while, Trevor Blumas returned home to London, Ontario, outside of Toronto, ostensibly to film the movie "Prom Queen," but also apparently to try to resuscitate his career. And at that time, it looked like Hayden and Trevor had broken up, as much because of some difficulties in their lives and careers as over any influence "Stars Wars" producer George Lucas might have had over them.



Anonymous said...

I thought he was a pretty boy!
O M G ! Ain't he S w EEE t !

Merci said...

Oh two little queers

Anonymous said...

i would like to meet hayden christensen in person. i am a big fan of his from the star wars epic. he is so hot, i would love to make out with him

Anonymous said...

I thought Trevor was CUUUUUTE!!! when he was on the tv show, "Little Men". To now discover that he's Gay?! HUBBA-HUBBA!! I WANT HIM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I met him out of USA and I knew he was gay by his way of looking people ! Finally he Left the event with a guy on his fingers