Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chad Allen is gay.

In the October 9, 2001 issue of The Advocate, Chad announced he was gay[1]. He also acknowledged past problems with drugs and alcohol. Chad has also spoken to a number of groups and at events about gay rights issues including taking part in a forum on Larry King Live concerning gay marriage. He has also lent his support to a large number of charities over the years, including The American Diabetes Association, The March of Dimes, Project Angel Food, the Autistic Children's Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, AIDS Project Arizona, and AIDS Project Los Angeles.In 2001, the same year as he came out in The Advocate, Chad proved wrong all the critics who said he would have a hard time finding work as actor. Three movies followed that year - A Mother’s Testimony (co-starring with Kate Jackson), the horror movie Do You Wanna Know a Secret, and the critically acclaimed independent movie What Matters Most. The latter one earned Chad several nominations in the best actor category. In addition to the movies he made that year, he also stepped back on stage in two theatre productions; Mike Ambrose's play Dearboy’s War – which addressed the treatment of gay soldiers and the meaning of freedom and the controversial Corpus Christi in which he starred and produced for its Los Angeles premiere. Chad also landed the starring role of missionary Nate Saint in the 2006 docudrama "End of the Spear," despite his sexual orientation. The movie was well-received by the Christian community (to whom the flick was primarily marketed), with little backlash in regards to Allen's personal life. He was commended by many Christians to have done a great job in the movie.


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