Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Author Christopher Rice is gay

American Author

Born 11 March 1979
Rice has the (dis?)advantage of being the son of poet/artist Stan Rice and megastar author Anne Rice (Interview With the Vampire, 1976). Rice, however, grew up with the ambition of being an actor and only started writing after being disheartned because he wasn't called back after an audition. He initially started writing screenplays, later claiming "I always thought that I wouldn't write novels, that I wasn't cut out for it." His first novel, A Density Of Souls, published when he was 21, is a thriller which tells the story of four young friends in New Orleans whose lives are pulled in drastically different directions when they enter high school. One character is loosely based on himself; tall, blue-eyed, and gay.

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Anonymous said...

So what's your update on Brandon Routh now? His "wife" is leaking her own gayness on twitter. Photo of the vulgar doorknobgate still up as of now. Just look for the text. Who's baby is it? No pix of her pregnant. Surrogate? Adoption? Is BJ blacklisted for being so closeted?